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Niantic Wayfarer Event – South Korea

Trainers! Underway now in South Korea is a special Niantic Wayfarer/Pokémon GO event focused on getting players to participate in Niantic Wayfarer. Players can earn points for their set “home regions,” which can be set at the beginning of the event, and then changed back again after the event. The region that acquires the most points during the event will then be rewarded with Limited Time Field Research tasks at a time to be determined after the event ends.



Wednesday, February 19, 2020 @ 2:00 PM,
Monday, March 9, 2020 @ 11:59 PM

South Korea
Trainers who are level 40 will be able to earn points for their region by participating in the Niantic Wayfarer program. The region that accumulates the most points during the event will be rewarded with Limited Time Field Research tasks. Date TBD.


Let’s take a look at the event details as outlined in the Official Blog post.

Hometown Location
  • At the start of the event, you can reset the Hometown location registered with Niantic Wayfarer, or use your current Hometown location to select a representative area for the event. 
    • We will give you a chance to change your Hometown after the event.
    • Setting or Resetting Hometown:
      ① Log in to Wayfarer and tap Settings in the left menu.
      ② Tap the pen-shaped icon next to your home location, search for the area you want to set for your home location, select the correct location on the displayed map, and then tap Save.

  1. Seoul Area (Representative Area): Seoul Metropolitan City (Included Area)
  2. Gyeonggi-do Area (Representative Area): Gyeonggi-do including Incheon Metropolitan City (Included Area)
  3. Gangwon-do Area (Representative Area): Entire Gangwon-do (Included Area)
  4. South Chungcheong Province (representative regions), Daejeon, and the entire South Chungcheong Province, including three kinds of special jachisi (regions)
  5. North Chungcheong Province area (representative regions) Chungbuk overall (including local)
  6. North Jeolla region (representative regions): All North Jeolla Province ( regions Covered)
  7. South Jeolla region (representative regions): full Jeollanam-do, including Gwangju and Jeju (regions)
  8. Gyeongsangbuk-do region (representative regions): All North Gyeongsang Province, including Daegu (regions)
  9. Gyeongnam region ( Representative Region): Gyeongsangnam-do, including Busan and Ulsan (inclusive)
  • Points will be awarded based on each Trainer’s Niantic Wayfarer activity during the event, and the points earned by each Trainer will be added to the points for the region in which each Trainer has registered.
    • Points will be obtained through approving and denying Portal candidates through Niantic Wayfarer.
Judging Portal Candidates
  • Approving Candidates
  1. Log in to Wayfarer and click ‘Review’ on the left menu.
  2. Refer to the information of each item displayed and press the item score you think.
  3. After pressing the score on all items, press the ‘Submit,’ you can check the pop-up window of “The screening result has been recorded.”

  • Rejecting Candidates
  1. Log in to Wayfarer and click ‘Review’ on the left menu.
  2. If it is determined that the wayspot candidate under review is inappropriate to be created, should the candidate be a Wayspot? Press 1 point on the column, select the reason for rejection in the column that appears, and press Submit.
  3. For some reasons for denial of approval, you must leave a comment on the decision.

During the event period, the points accumulated by each of the represented areas are counted, and an event will be held in which the Limited Time Field Research will be available in the represented area that obtains the highest point total.


The event schedule for the limited time field research will be announced later.

Limited time field research is available to anyone through some of the pocket stops in the represented area with the highest final points.

Niantic Wayfarer can only be used by “Pokémon GO” Level 40 trainers.

The event will be held only in Korea, and other countries are not yet open.

When playing “Pokémon GO”, be careful about your surroundings and play with good manners.

—Pokémon GO Team Dream

Exciting Times Await

What an exciting way to get Trainers involved in their Pokémon GO playing areas! I know several people feel that “Niantic is using them to do their work for them”, but we ask you this, who better submit, edit, approve Gyms and PokéStops in their areas than those player themselves?!

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