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Niantic Wayfarer: Edits to the System

Written & Submitted by: Ali

Niantic’s Wayfarer team recently and mysteriously announced the disabling of location edits across their games. This came as a shock to the majority of the community, who right up until the moment it was disabled, were still continuing to request edits to Waypoints.

The Future of Edits

Following a period of radio silence, Niantic issued a statement that explained to the community a new condition for all future location edits.
In order for edits to once again be enabled, all requested movements must not exceed approximately 10m, but it is not consistent between areas, with some players reporting slightly more. Any edits that would exceed this distance will have to be directly appealed on the Wayfarer Forum.
The primary reason for this change was due to a huge amount of system abuse by players of all sides, through a mixture of Ingress and Pokémon GO. It seems to be widely believed amongst players of only one of those games that this is due to an ‘us v. them’ mentality, however players of both games will say that in the most part this is simply not the case. Of course there are people with strong opinions, but Niantic doesn’t react to just a few comments, they react to a majority. I’m sure many of you have seen screenshots of places where the system has been gamed to get large numbers of gyms in one small area.Cluster of PokéStops in Germany showing an abused system.
Not long after re-enabling location edits, NianticCasey issued a statement on the Wayfarer Forum to explain the impact of the changes they have made to players of Pokémon GO.
NianticCasey's comment in the forum with regards to new edit updats
The old state of affairs meant that if a gym was in its own S2 L17 cell, moving it to another L17 cell allowed a new stop to come through, then both would maintain their status. Now, moving a gym into a new L17 cell could cause it to be demoted to a stop. NianticCasey has declined to reveal the exact limitations of the new ruling, however the rules must fit into the S2 cell format we are all used to. From research so far, it can be seen that if an L14 cell has 3 gyms within its boundary, and a location edit causes a 4th gym to be moved into it, that 4th gym will get demoted to a stop in order to keep the cell rules rigid. Further research needs to be conducted to outright confirm this, but it seems to be the following for all cells regardless of edits:
2 Waypoints1 Gym
6 Waypoints2 Gyms
20 Waypoints3 Gyms
For a more in-depth look and understanding of S2 Cells, be sure to check out this article by Pokémon GO Hub: A Comprehensive Guide to S2 Cells and Pokémon GO.

What about my current submissions?

You might be thinking, ‘what does this mean for the edits I’ve placed?’ Niantic has hinted that location edits accepted prior to the 11th of August will follow the previous rules, but those after that date will be subject to the more rigid rules. One thing is for certain though, Niantic has recognized that not only are members of the community gaming their system, but they have researched exactly how and have added measures to stop it. The new ruling has already caused a huge divide in opinions, with popular public Wayfarer Forum posts expressing differing views. Many believe Niantic’s following of the S2 cell system is outdated, but it does provide much need structure.
If you have an opinion, get on the Wayfarer Forum and voice it and/or comment below and tell us what you think!
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