March Giovanni Battle Guide

The March line-up for our old pal Giovanni has arrived, bringing with it the Legendary Shadow Pokémon, Entei. Along with the addition of Entei, we have 2 new Pokémon added to his pool. Cloyster and Hippowdon are out, Kingler and Rhyperior are in! This guide will hopefully help you to anticipate what the Rocket Boss will have for this month, as well as help you prepare to take him down without many casualties.

The main differences lie in the pool of Pokémon that Giovanni can use as his second slot, because his beloved Persian will always be first, and the legendary of the month, always last. That in mind, the counters for Persian have not changed! Without further ado, let’s take a look at what has changed, and how to deal with it.

How many times do we have to teach you this lesson, old man??? 

GIOVANNI March Lineup

The TGR boss man himself, big daddy G, the evil genius, Giovanni. Unless it isn’t? Decoys aside, Giovanni isn’t all that difficult,  because you know what the first and last battles will be. The Pokémon that can show up in the second battle are the wildcards, but once you know what he is bringing to the battle, it is pretty easy.

Persian is only weak to Fighting-types. Do you know what that means? Yup! Lucario time again! Lucario offers a pretty wide range of resistances against Persian’s moves, as well as a rounded fighting type move set. Power-up Punch is generally better for PVP, but Aura Sphere is a good option as well. Conkeldurr and Machamp are also viable.
Dy. Punch
Dy. Punch
*Pro Tip: If Persian has Scratch as its Fast Move, it will DESTROY Lucario. A simple way around this is to lead with your 2nd or 3rd Pokémon. When the battle starts, then immediately switch to Lucario. The few seconds you get before Persian starts attacking again will let you build up energy and get off Power-Up Punch before you get annihilated.


Kingler is weak to Electric- & Grass-types only, luckily we still have a wide range of options to choose from. If you want to go grass, Roserade and Leafeon are both strong options, and if you want to electric, Magnezone and Electivire are stong choice.
Wild Charge
Razor Leaf
Grass Knot
Thunder Shock
Wild Charge
Steelix is dual Steel- and Ground-type and, therefore, weak to Fighting-, Fire-, Ground-, and Water-type moves. Our recommendations to take down Steelix are Lucario, Conkeldurr, and Blaziken.
Aura Sphere
Dy. Punch
Blast Burn
Rhyperior a fairly simple battle. It is double weak to Grass-, and Water-types. Your best bet is using Kyogre, Swampert, or Feraligatr.
Water Gun
Hydro Cannon
Hydro Cannon
March brings us the Legendary Pokémon, Entei. Entei is weak to Ground-, Rock-, and Water-type moves. Because of this, your choices can be somewhat varied. We recommend trying out Kyogre, Garchomp, or Rhyperior to take out Entei.
Mud Shot
Smack Down
Rock Wrecker
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