Jessie & James Battle Guide

Jesse and James are finally in Pokémon GO! The iconic duo from the main series is here and looking to cause trouble! Time to show them whose boss before they disappear because they are only here temporarily!

Let’s take a look at which of your Pokémon you should be taking into battle against this duo. You will notice that Team GO Rocket counters are a little different than Raid counters. The ability to spam out super-effective Charged Moves is extremely important, as their Pokémon pack more of a punch than normal ones! However! Double the trouble, double the rewards! You will have the chance to battle both Jessie and James for two Rocket Components and extra rewards! 



Jessie was born to be bad, seeing as how her mom was a highly respected Team Rocket member. But is Jessie as bad as she makes herself out to be? A short glance at her roster of Pokémon says no, but make no mistake, if you go into battle with her unprepared, she will make you pay!

Jessie will start you off against Ekans in battle, which is weak to Ground & Psychic-typesBecause of this we recommend using Mewtwo, Metagross, or Excadrill to take down this snake. 
Psycho CutZen Headbutt
Mud Slap
PsystrikePsychicDrill Run
Scyther is DOUBLE weak to Rock-types, and weak to Electric-, Fire-, Flying-, and Ice-types. Therefore, unsurprisingly, we recommend two Rock-types, Rhyperior and Terrakion, and Moltres.
Smack Down
Fire Spin
Rock WreckerRock SlideSky Attack
Bagon REALLY dislikes Dragon-, Fairy-, and Ice-types. Using a one of those types, that can quickly get off its Charged Move will cut through Bagon like a hot knife through butter.
Dragon Tail
Powder Snow
OutrageDazzling GleamAvalanche


James is an only-child rich kid, and it shows. It’s up to us to put James in his place and back into the shadows. Let’s hope he learns his lesson quickly, unlike the previous Team GO Rocket foes.

James will start you off against Koffing, which also is weak to Ground- and Psychic-typesBecause of this, we recommend using the same trio as against Ekans; Mewtwo, Metagross, or Excadrill. 
Psycho Cut
Zen Headbutt
Mud Slap
PsystrikePsychicDrill Run
Sneasel is DOUBLE weak to Fighting-types. So, why use anything else? We recommend using Conkeldurr, Lucario, or Emboar
Low Kick
Dy. PunchAura SphereFocus Blast
Beldum is weak to Dark-, Fire-, Ghost-, and Ground-types. There are a plethora of counters to choose from. Our recommendations are Reshiram, Chandelure, and Darkrai
Fire Fang
OverheatShadow BallShadow Ball
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