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Throwback Challenge, AR Update, New Quests, & More in Latest Data Mine

A new data mine was released tonight by the folks over at PokeMiners. Hinted at in this release are New Quests, Throwback Challenge Special Research, Reality Blending for AR, and Incense Text for Abra Community Day. Let’s take a closer look!

Please keep in mind, NONE of this information has been confirmed by Niantic, any and all events and Pokémon reported in this data mine can be changed and/or completely removed at any time. Take this with a grain of salt until an official announcement about them is made.

New Quests

Six new catching quests were found for: Spheal, Weedle, Starly, Seedot, Grimer, and Porygon. What these quests will ultimately be for? We’ll have to wait and see, but for Speculation Station’s sake… our guess is on Community Day voting due to the inclusion of Weedle and Porygon.

quest_catch_special41_plural TEXT: Catch {0} Spheal

quest_catch_special42_plural TEXT: Catch {0} Weedle

quest_catch_special43_plural TEXT: Catch {0} Starly

quest_catch_special44_plural TEXT: Catch {0} Seedot

quest_catch_special45_plural TEXT: Catch {0} Grimer

quest_catch_special46_plural TEXT: Catch {0} Porygon

Throwback Challenge Special Research

A new Special Research questline was found in the code. As coded now, “Throwback Challenge” would be a GIANT 36 part Special Research, with the Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh regions all receiving 9-stage quest segments. We can’t wait to see how and if this code gets implemented.

RESOURCE ID: quest_title_throwback_kanto_0
TEXT: Throwback Challenge: Kanto (1/9)

RESOURCE ID: quest_title_throwback_johto_0
TEXT: Throwback Challenge: Johto (1/9)

RESOURCE ID: quest_title_throwback_hoenn_0
TEXT: Throwback Challenge: Hoenn (1/9)

RESOURCE ID: quest_title_throwback_sinnoh_0
TEXT: Throwback Challenge: Sinnoh (1/9)

Reality Blending for AR

Niantic hinted occlusion handling in AR a LONG time ago, 2018 to be specific, and that makes us wonder if this section of code isn’t perhaps a hint that an AR update is in our future. What is occlusion handing you ask? We have no idea, but here is the YouTube video where they teased it!

RESOURCE ID: occlusions_tutorial_title
TEXT: Reality Blending

RESOURCE ID: monodepth_download_prompt_success_message TEXT: Now you can enjoy a more immersive AR experience with your Pokémon!

RESOURCE ID: occlusions_forced_on_toast
TEXT: Reality Blending enabled

RESOURCE ID: occlusions_prompt_toast
TEXT: Turn on Reality Blending here

RESOURCE ID: occlusions_tutorial_body_forced_on
TEXT: This feature allows Pokémon in AR mode to fit more seamlessly into your surroundings and move behind objects.

RESOURCE ID: occlusions_tutorial_body_off
TEXT: This feature allows Pokémon in AR mode to fit more seamlessly into your surroundings and move behind objects. You can turn this feature on by tapping the Reality Blending button.

Incense Text

Text was found for the 3-hour long Incense that has been announced to be in effect for Abra Community Day this weekend. 

RESOURCE ID: incense_duration_three_hours
TEXT: 3 hour Incense duration

Big things, Small Package

Generally speaking, this isn’t the biggest data mine ever released. But, what it lacks in size, it makes up for in impact. Possible hints at future “Choose your Community Day” quests, the GIANT 36-part Special Research, AR Blending (HYPE!), and Abra Day Incense make this one of the more interesting mines in recent memory. When and if any of it actually makes it to the game, we will have to see. But, for now, all aboard the train to Speculation Station!

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