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New Pokémon/Other Assets Found in Data Mine

In addition to the information we detailed last night, assets from the latest APK have been found and made public PokéFam! Chrales has just released a huge bundle of assets including new Pokémon, Avatar Items, Badges, and more! Without any further yapping, let’s to a look at everything!

Please keep in mind, NONE of this information has been confirmed by Niantic, any and all events and Pokémon reported in this data mine can be changed and/or completely removed at any time. Take this with a grain of salt until an official announcement about them is made.

New Pokémon

The Normal and Shiny Sprites for Victini have finally been added!

Victini - NormalVictini - Shiny

Costumed Pokémon

New costumed Pokémon were found including Pikachu, Pichu, Togetic, and Buneary! Perchaps an Easter-themed event is in our future?

Male PikachuFemale Pikachu

New Avatar Items

New Male and Female Togepi Hoodies and Backpacks were found along with Willow’s Sunglasses! Our guess would again be an Easter-themed event might be in our future.

New Avatar Item - MaleNew Avatar Item - MaleNew Avatar Item - FemaleNew Avatar Item - Female
 New Avatar Item 


New Badges were found, one for something unknown as of yet, and one for Safari Zone: Philadelphia.

What's it all mean?

Will we see Victini released soon? maybe, maybe not, only time will tell. Our guess is the costumed Pokémon and Avatar items will be a part of some kind of Easter-themed event, but again, only time will tell. The badges we somewhat know, one is for an unknown future event perhaps, and the other for Safari Zone: Philadelphia.

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