Timeless Cup: Easy On-Ramp

Hello, PeaceLoveHugs here and I am excited to present my first G2G article. A quick background on me: season 1 North American championship finalist(2nd place), current number 1 player in Texas & ended Ferocious Cup ranked 2 in the US. Here I will go over some of the easier to use picks for the Timeless Cup.


Timeless Cup - Meganium
Vine Whip Frenzy Plant Earthquake
The Meg is bulky, fast, and hits like a truck with either Frenzy Plant or Earthquake. Thanks to its bulk, the Meg can stand up to the big scary Ice-types, and with access to Earthquake, she still has game versus Dragonair.
Timeless Cup - Venusaur
Vine WhipFrenzy Plant
Sludge Bomb
If you want your Grass-type to win the head to head Grass matchups, look no further than Frenzy Plant Venusaur. With reasonable bulk, a Poison subtyping, and two powerful STAB charge moves, Venusaur can put serious shield pressure versus most Pokémon.
Timeless Cup - Swampert
Mud ShotHydro Cannon
Even after the Hydro Cannon nerf, Swampert still hits hard. Thanks to the high EPT(energy per turn) on Mud Shot, Swampert will rapidly fire off hard-hitting STAB charge moves against your opponents. Pair it with the right teammates, and your opponents may simply run out of shields.
Timeless Cup - Charizard
Air Slash
Fire Spin
Dragon Claw
Blast Burn
Everyone’s favorite Gen 1 dragon/not-dragon brings the fun risk/reward factor of a glass cannon. With access to Dragon Claw, Charizard can bring efficient shield pressure on opposing dragons. And with Blast Burn, even those that resist fire will feel the burn.
Timeless Cup - Charizard
CounterBlaze Kick
Blast Burn
With Counter, Blaziken has access to the single best fast move in the game, fast damage, and fast energy all rolled into one. While Blaziken’s overall coverage is less than all of the other starters, it has one of the better Ice/Water matchups. But it oddly must be cautious of the hard-hitting move Razor Leaf thanks to its lack of bulk.


Timeless Cup - Meganium
Ice ShardSurf
Skull Bash
Trust me, do not deviate from this moveset for Timeless Cup, I have tried them all and this is by far the most consistent.
Timeless Cup - Meganium
Powder SnowBody Slam
Aurora Beam
Sealeo is simple, it wants to Body Spam (Slam). Tack on Aura Beam for an out versus Grass-types.
Timeless Cup - Drapion
BiteAqua Tail
Fell Stinger
Fell Stinger is a new move added to the game; it’s effectively a Bug-type power-up punch. With access to Fell Stinger, Drapion can Bite through a lot of the field even in losing matchups. The drawback is the potential shield deficit Drapion runs thanks to the low EPT of Bite and the low damage of Fell Stinger.
Timeless Cup - Drapion
Dragon BreathAqua Tail
Dragon Pulse
Dragons are completely unresisted in Timeless, and as such, they make great generalist. Dragonair will rarely leave you in a bad spot, even against its counters such as Sealeo and Lapras.
Timeless Cup - Drapion
Dragon BreathOutrage
After the update, Kingdra got better with the introduction of Octazooka. The easiest and most straightforward way to utilize Kingdra remains as a closer. But, now it has more flexibility with Octazooka being able to debuff an opponent while being 10 less energy than Outrage giving it some bait potential.
Timeless Cup - Drapion
Razor LeafLeaf Blade
Sludge Bomb
If you opt to use a non-grass starter, you’ll likely need a Grass-type, and Victreebel has what you’re looking for. Razor Leaf erases the mudbois and outraces the Water- and Ice-types. Leaf Blade helps cover for the low EPT on Razor Leaf, and Sludge Bomb gives Victreebel reach against Fire-types like Charizard.
Timeless Cup - Drapion
ConfusionPoison Fang
Silver Wind
If you do not pick Charizard as your starter, I would recommend taking Venomoth as your easy to use anti-grass option. Confusion is deadly versus grass/poison types, and even mono grass such as Meganium struggle as the poison/bug dual typing gives the moth a 2x resistance to grass attacks. My favorite part about moth is its ability to luck into a win if it can pull off the Silver Wind boost, a 10% chance to essentially win the game on the spot.


As he stated in the opening, this is Hugs’ first solo article with G2G; he was a major contributor in the Beginners Guide we did for the Ferocious Cup. We want to take this time to welcome him to the Gaming2gether Media Family; we are honored to have such a well respected, high-level battler on our team, and we are super excited to see what he has for us in the future!

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