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PvP Tips – Part Three

PvP Tips – Parts One and Two were huge hits! We’d like to thank everyone for checking them out! As promised, PvP Tips Part-Three of three can be found below! We hope you enjoy!

There are so many talented trainers discussing strategies in the GO Stadium Discord, as well as many talented content creators on YouTube going over monthly meta and shout casting matches. You can find them here:

Zyonik LogoPvPoke LogoJimma Banks Logo
 JFarmakisg2g round
KiengIVJFArmakisand so many more.

Being a PvP coach will be my contribution to the rising #battlers and #girlsthatpvp. I took my talents to Twitter, and that was when PvP Tips were born.


When your fast moves are doing enough damage to faint your opponent, DO NOT use a charge move and save the energy to unload on the next Pokémon.

Coined by the man, JFarmakis.

Positive (J)Farming


When you’re (J)Farming for energy (see Tips #21), and don’t need to use shields to protect your Pokémon.


If you don’t need to use shields, then that’s positive.

Deny (J)Farming: Active


When your opponent is trying to farm energy, use one of your charge moves to force a shield, pressure them to use their energy, or faint them. 


You certainly don’t want your opponent to farm energy from you. The best way to do that is to switch out, or use a Charge Move to pressure your opponent to shield or follow with their Charge Move, or else they’ll faint, and they wasted all that energy for nothing.

Deny (J)Farming: Passive


You can win this matchup, but if you win too early, your opponent’s next Pokemon can farm & unload on your team. To DENY your opponent, STOP attacking and wait for it.


This is arguably one of the most advanced tips I can give you. From ValorAsh himself, a way to deny energy farming is just to stop attacking. Let’s say you have Tropius versus Swampert, your opponent switches to Tropius to mirror yours. You then switch to Bastidon to counter Tropius. You are going to win the Bastion vs. Tropius matchup. But the thing is, their Swampert is waiting to come back out, itching to farm enough energy to throw off a few Hydro Cannons with its quick energy generation Mud Shot. So what do you do? Get Tropius to low HP, and stop attacking. Just wait. Let your Bastidon get to the red, low HP, low enough that it can faint after one Mud Shot. Then faint the Tropius, Swampert comes out, Bastion faints, then comes back in your own Tropius. You get the advantage back, and your opponent doesn’t have the energy to do anything.


Safe Switch-In


When building a team, it is best to have a "safe switch." This Pokemon should have decent energy generation, not many counters, as well as counter many things in the meta, great charge moves, and be tanky.


The next difficulty after finding a great lead for your team of three is to find the safe switch. You want someone that has a decent Fast Move to generate energy. Someone that doesn’t have many counters in the meta. Someone that can counter many things in the meta. Maybe someone that has decent charge moves that deal damage and doesn’t cost too much energy. You probably also want them to be tanky in case you want to save a shield or two. Finding this Pokemon can be hard depending on the cup, and they might not even exist in every cup. But these are some of the criteria to look out for.


Picking Moves


With so many move options, it is wise to understand what your team of 6 are and pick moves that fill in weaknesses on your team. Consider leads (see Tips #14), switch-in (see Tips #25), advantage (see Tips #16), and coverage (see Tips #15).


Do we want Power-up Punch on Poliwrath? What about Mud Shot with Hydro Pump? Maybe Ice Punch is the way to go? So many options, so little TMs.


Revealing Moves


With the many options (see Tips #26), you need to keep your opponents guessing. Revealing moves too early in the match will cause your opponent not to shield certain moves later and make adjustments to their teams of 3.

Ideal IVs


Generally speaking, you want low ATK for battles. Some cases get complicated. But use the GOStadium PvP IV Spead Analysis for ideal PvP IVs.

Moves over IV


If you found a legacy Pokemon (see Tips #4), then use it no matter the IVs (see Tips #28). Move damage and energy costs carry much more weight than trying to get the optimal HP and DEF for your Pokemon.

Shinies Do (NOT) Do More Damage

They certainly add more flair to your team, but they do not do more damage. Find the right moves (see Tips #29), and then IVs (see Tips #28). @ZyoniK_

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