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PvP Tips – Part 4

PvP Tips – Part 4  is here! We pick up where we left off in the latest PvP Tips – Part 3 with Tips 31 – 40! From Shield Usage to Conserving Shields we explore 10 topics that will benefit you in most, if not all, of your matches. Let’s begin this week’s session, shall we?

There are so many talented trainers discussing strategies in the GO Stadium Discord, as well as many talented content creators on YouTube going over monthly meta and shout casting matches. You can find them here:

Zyonik LogoPvPoke LogoHero Vange
Kieng GingerlyKimber1 Profile Picg2g round
KiengIVgingerlykimber1and so many more.

Being a PvP coach will be my contribution to the rising #battlers and #girlsthatpvp. I took my talents to Twitter, and that was when PvP Tips were born. PvP Tips – Part 4:

Revealing Variants

Using Shinies (see Tips #30) or Purified variants can reveal your moves (see Tips #27) to the opp.

EX: Shiny Poliwrath does not have Mud Shot. Purified Hypno does not have Shadow Ball.

Shield Usage


You have 2 Shields to use. Use them too early and you're defenseless til the end. Not using them soon enough could result in loss with Shields.

Use @pvpoke https://pvpoke.com to understand which scenario is ideal.



Low on TMs? Hate to play the TM roulette? An easy solution is to have duplicates of the same Pokémon with different movesets. You might not be using the best IV (see Tips #28) but moves over IVs (see Tips #29).

Accept Losing


It is okay that the match/round/tournament did not go as planned. The best thing to do is learn from it, congratulate your opp, wish them luck, and keep doing your best. Most importantly, have fun.

Learn After Matches


When you finish a match, win or lose, ask your opp what their thoughts were during. What could they have done; what they think you could have done; learn how they did that; teach them some skills.

Calming the Nerves


Everyone gets nervous before a big tourney, even before every match. Take a deep breath, count to 3, and listen to your music of choice to get you hyped instead of nervous. You got this. 



Like Thanos, lag is inevitable. Play it out until the very end. Be PATIENT, CALM, & COLLECTED. Discuss with your opp about a rematch. Thank your opp for being patient and move on to the next match. 

Conserving Shields


Understand when to shield and when to not. In this sim, Nidoqueen will win in 1-1, lose the 1-2 & 2-2 shields. Best to save the 2nd shield and use a Charge Move to KO Donphan or burn their 2nd shield.

IVs in @pvpoke


Set your Pokémon IVs when simulating and studying to understand how your own Pokémon stack up against the meta. Know which matches flip in your favor and when they don’t.


Losing the Lead


There are many ways to come back from this. One way is to use a Safe Switch-In (Tips #25) & shields to obtain Switch Advantage (Tips #16) with your Coverage (Tips #15). 

Thanks @gingerlykimber1 for the idea!

We hope you enjoyed Part 4! To stay up-to-date with the MatheMagician’s compilation of PvP tips and tricks from the amazing creators and battlers in the PvP world, be sure to follow him on Twitter: @mathmagic10  
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