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PvP Tips – Part 7

MatheMagician is back with PvP Tips – Part 7! We pick up where we left off in the latest PvP Tips – Part 6 with Tips 61 – 70! From Soft/Hard Counters to Status Changing Moves we explore 10 topics that will benefit you in most, if not all, of your matches. Let’s begin this week’s session, shall we?

There are so many talented trainers discussing strategies in the GO Stadium Discord, as well as many talented content creators on YouTube and Twitter going over monthly meta and shout casting matches. You can find them here:

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ScrubLordDustinJFarmakisand so many more.

Being a PvP coach will be my contribution to the rising #battlers and #girlsthatpvp. I took my talents to Twitter, and that was when PvP Tips were born. PvP Tips – Part 7:

Soft/Hard Counters

Soft counters are Pokemon that can either lose/win in certain matchups. This comes down to IVs (see Tips #28), shield usages (Tips #32/38), and energy. Hard counters will win in almost all situations.

Using Soft Counters: Bad Lead


You're trying to figure out which 2 in the back to switch to (see Tips #15), use a soft counter (see Tips #61). If it wins, great. If it loses, you still have a hard counter in the back.

Switch Clock Awareness


After switching, you are locked in for 1 min. Look at the timer in the corner, then decide. Use a charge then switch, shield your opp then switch, or faint and wait out the remaining time to come back.

Reserving Shields


You can save shields by having tanky Pokemon absorb charge moves or Sacrificial switching (see Tips #8). Be aware of the switch clock (see Tips #63) and your soft/hard counters (see Tips #61).



Que a Fast Move during your opp Charge Move to gain an energy advantage. Be patient and strike when the opportunity arises.

Mirror Matchups


When your opponent sends out the same Pokemon as you, they hope the matchup will result in a tie. Swing the match in your favor by successfully QSAing (see Tips #65), shielding (or not, #64), or switching out (#62).

Mirrored Teams


"That's the toughest opponent you're ever going to have to face." Know your weaknesses, know your strengths, know how to beat your own team because chances are you will see it in a tournament.

Status Changing Moves


There are certain moves that will buff/debuff your stats as well as debuff your opponent’s. Take advantage of clearing the effects and start fresh by switching out your Pokémon.

Clearing Status Effects


When you switch out a Pokémon that had their stat changed hoping to clear it, you must first let your switched Pokémon faint before reentering to clear the Status Effect.



Sometimes, you want to overcharge by 1 or 2 fast moves. This way, you can throw off your opp when they’re counting. Don’t get greedy or else you’ll pay in expending a shield when you don’t need to.

We hope you enjoyed Part 7! To stay up-to-date with the MatheMagician’s compilation of PvP tips and tricks from the amazing creators and battlers in the PvP world, be sure to follow him on Twitter: @mathmagic10  
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