Indigo League Week One

Hello, esports fans. Indigo League was on fire in the first week. We had 6 teams battling against each other, streamed over 2 days on Twitch. The teams were full of names you know from the PvP world – either GBL or Silph Arena. Some are Twitch streamers; some let their standings on the GBL leaderboard serve as their calling card.

I’m going to look back at the battles from the first week and talk about the match-ups for the second week.

In game 1, we saw Thunderlions go up against PokeBattle Tower. The only surprise from the bans was that Azu was not banned. Joeybrahhh took the lead for PBT in the first match while continuing to favor his Santachu. Juanchop tied it up, 3-3, for Thunderlions in the second match. Unfortunately, Thunderlions lost the lead when DreFlames pulled PBT ahead 5-4 despite Masterred’s Altaria being a “confirmed” Registeel counter. (Yeah, you’ll have to see that one for yourself.)  HowardGWong maintained PBT’s lead in the fourth match. Suxx made a valiant effort to tie the game 7-7 in the final match but lost the last battle to Wankowanyoo.

PBT won 8-7.

Saturday’s second game brought us Elite Four versus Mazer Gaming. The bans were all the likely candidates, the top of the meta. Gucc1G4ng won 2 of the first 3 battles to push Mazer Gaming out in the lead 2-1. Housestark tied it up for E4 with impressive use of his Power Whip Lickitung, bringing the score to 3-3. After 3 close battles, Arrohh defeated Mazer Gaming team captain PanicK to bring Elite Four ahead 5-4. Don’t get comfortable, though; SpeediestChief was there for Mazer Gaming to tie it back up in match 4, 6 battles to 6 battles. It all came down to the last match – Reis2Occasion versus ValorAsh. Reis swept all 3 battles to definitely bring home the win for Mazer Gaming.

Mazer Gaming won 9-6.

Game 3 between Cool Cats and Regicide PvP was streamed on Sunday. Cools Cats used an interesting strategy in their bans, banning the big-name Counter users. We’ll see how that played out for them. In the first match, Season 4 GBL leaderboard champ Auburnnnn swept Yooyouyes, 3-0. The team captains, Caleb Peng and JakeDoesHurdles (don’t forget that last s, y’all), faced off in the second match. Jake’s 2 wins were enough to defeat Caleb, but not enough to close the gap. Cool Cats still lead 4-2. Knipples swept LindenRyu in the third match to hurdle Regicide into the lead, 5-4. The elusive PolymersUp won 2 battles against DatBoiMuk to tie it up for Cool Cats in the fourth match. In the final match, TheChaoticAce proved to be too wily for CantStopKeister, sweeping the battles for a final game score of 9-6.

Cool Cats won 9-6.

Ahead in Week 2:

  • Mazer Gaming vs. Thunderlions
  • Elite Four vs. Cool Cats (Don’t miss Caleb and HouseStark going head to head!)
  • PokeBattle Tower vs. Regicide PvP

Named after the competitive league that kicked off the anime series, Indigo League is TeamRocketPvP’s bid to provide the Pokémon GO PvP community with team-based esports quality content. 

Indigo League features battles between 6 teams for 6 weeks, beginning April 17, 2021. Each team will battle 1 other team per week until all teams have battled each other throughout the season. League standings are based on accumulated wins throughout the season. Win early, win often. The final week will feature a play-off between the top 2 teams to determine the season winner. 

The league features 6 amazing teams:

Mazer Gaming Logo

Mazer Gaming

PokeBattle Tower logo

PokeBattle Tower

Elite4 logo

Elite Four

Thunderlions logo


Cool Cats Logo

Cool Cats

Regicide Logo

Regicide PvP

Battle: One Battler brings 3 Pokémon to clash against one other Battler and their 3 Pokémon. The basic unit of PvP. Each Battle won earns 1 point for the team.

Match: 3 battles played between Battlers. 3 points are up for grabs in each Match.

Game: 5 matches, 15 possible points, 5 Battlers from each team. 

RankTeamGame WinsW/L %
1Cool Cats1100%

Where and When to Watch the Battles

Indigo League streams on TeamRocketPvP‘s Twitch channel on Saturdays and Sundays in April and May at 10 am PDT. The stream features pre-recorded battles with live shoutcasting.

Keep your eyes on TeamRocketAcademy’s YouTube channel to see the matches if you miss the stream.

Final Weigh-In

Don’t think I forgot about the Indigo League drinking game. From my count, you probably didn’t do a whole lot of day drinking. Sosa was only muted once during each broadcast. Never fear, you’ll get more opportunities in the coming weeks. Maybe we will expand to each time anyone is muted!

Have fun. Fight fair. And as my Uncle Jimmy used to tell his kids, “No pulling hair!”

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