Indigo League Week Four – Has the Ending Been Set?

Indigo League has one more week left after these battles. Week 5 will be the last week of normal league play. The final week will be a play-off between the top two teams. The question is, did we get a preview of that play-off this week when Poke Battle Tower played Cool Cats? That seems very likely at this point. Let’s see what the preview showed us.

Game 1 – GOTeamUp World Champions Cool Cats faced off against Poke Battle Tower, who won the Indigo League Kick-Off tournament. Well, after leading the league, Cool Cats finally met their match in PBT. PBT had a shift in their line-up that really seemed to ignite a fire in them. Not only did they demolish Cool Cats this week 11-4, but they have also now won the same number of games as Cool Cats while winning more matches (65% vs. 50%) and individual battles (63% vs. 52%). This gives them an edge in the stats over Cool Cats. 

Game 2 was a much closer contest between Regicide PvP and Mazer Gaming. Mazer Gaming had a strong start, with Panick, Reis, and Doonebug all winning their matches, including a sweep by Doonebug. But two sweeps in the last matches from DatBoiMuk and CantStopKeister helped Regicide come from behind to win the game 8 – 7

In Game 3, the Elite Four finally won their first game this week against Thunderlions, and it was a good one, 9 – 6. Arrohh’s sweep of Suxx in match 4 seems to be what pushed E4 over to victory. 

Be sure to look at the updated standings section for a look at what is on the line in week 5.

Check out the Indigo League website to get even more details!

Named after the competitive league that kicked off the anime series, Indigo League is TeamRocketPvP’s bid to provide the Pokémon GO PvP community with team-based esports quality content. 

Indigo League features battles between 6 teams for 6 weeks, beginning April 17, 2021. Each team will battle 1 other team per week until all teams have battled each other throughout the season. League standings are based on accumulated wins throughout the season. Win early, win often. The final week will feature a play-off between the top 2 teams to determine the season winner. 

The league features 6 amazing teams:

Mazer Gaming Logo

Mazer Gaming

PokeBattle Tower logo

PokeBattle Tower

Elite4 logo

Elite Four

Thunderlions logo


Cool Cats Logo

Cool Cats

Regicide Logo

Regicide PvP

Battle: One Battler brings 3 Pokémon to clash against one other Battler and their 3 Pokémon. The basic unit of PvP. Each Battle won earns 1 point for the team.

Match: 3 battles played between Battlers. 3 points are up for grabs in each Match.

Game: 5 matches, 15 possible points, 5 Battlers from each team. 

RankTeamGame WinsW/L %
1Cool Cats375%

The top 2 teams at the end of 5 weeks will go to a Play-Off. The winner of the Play-Off game will be declared Winner of the Indigo League. 

Next week we will see:

Cool Cats v Mazer Gaming – If Cool Cats win, they will be 4 – 1 for the season and have a guaranteed spot in the Play-Off. Mazer has no way to get into the Play-Off at this point. If Mazer wins, Cool Cats’ place in the Finals will be dependent on how the other teams play.

PBT v E4 – As stated last week, E4 has no shot at the Play-Off. If PBT wins, they are guaranteed a spot in the Play-Off. If PBT loses, their spot is dependent on the results of the other games.

Thunderlions v Regicide – Thunderlions has no way to get into the Play-Off. Regicide is the wild card here. If they win and either (or both) Cool Cats and PBT lose, the Play-Off spot(s) will have to be decided by factors other than Games Won because more than one team will be 3 – 2 for the season.

Where and When to Watch the Battles

Indigo League streams on TeamRocketPvP‘s Twitch channel on Saturdays and Sundays in April and May at 10 am PDT. The stream features pre-recorded battles with live shoutcasting.

Keep your eyes on TeamRocketAcademy’s YouTube channel to see the matches if you miss the stream.

Final Weigh-In

This has been quite a season. In 60 matches, we’ve seen 19 sweeps by these amazing Battlers. That’s almost a third of all matches! Auburnnnn has swept 3 times, while PolymersUp and Limonlime have each swept their opponents twice. The interesting part is that Limonlime hasn’t played the whole season. Imagine what we might have seen out of him with a full season worth of play! I guess we will have to wait for Season 2 to find out what that looks like.

Have fun. Fight fair. And as my Uncle Jimmy used to tell his kids, “No pulling hair!”

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