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Friday Night Fights – Atlanta vs Boston

That’s right #Battlers; it’s time for another Friday Night Fight. Last week we watched a close bout between two PvP Discord servers. After five exciting matches, The Underground finally defeated Backstage Battlers in the very last round. 

This week, we bring back a defending city team who was challenged by another city.  Some boys from Boston watched The Atlanta Champions League team trounce the LA Champions League and laid down a challenge. Will Atlanta successfully defend their title against the upstarts from Boston? Will it be a Tea Party or a Sweet Tea Party, y’all? Tune in to find out.

Here are the rules for Friday Night Fights. Each team selects 5 battlers. Those 5 battlers confer to determine 5 Pokémon that they do not want anyone to use in the battles.  Team composition is basically done like a draft tournament. Within each team, only 1 battler can use any given Pokémon; there can be no duplicates. Each battler will face one battler on the opposing team. The pair of battlers will play 3 matches. Every win earns 1 point for their team. The team with the most points after all 15 matches have been played wins the Friday Night Fight event.

Still have questions? Drop them in the comments section or in the Twitch chat.

No member of either team can select one of the banned Pokémon for their battle party.

Galarian StunfiskMedichamDefense Deoxys
Galarian StunfiskMedichamDefense Deoxys
Sableye Mew
Sableye Mew
Galarian StunfiskAzumarillDefense Deoxys
Galarian StunfiskAzumarillDefense Deoxys
Galvantula Skarmory
Galvantula Skarmory

More commonly known as FTO, FeelingThisOne, will most likely predict and hard counter your entire team. After going 2-1 against AceLeaderSky in the LA Challenge, FTO is bringing back a very similar team this week. The man who only has fun when he’s winning is swapping out his banned Sableye for a Scrafty and his Bronzong for a Shadow Hypno.

Venusaur Swampert Shadow Hypno
Bastiodon Scrafty Froslass

KneelArmstrang is an affable, laid-back guy who will mercilessly punish your smallest mistake. If you need proof of that, check out his 3-0 win over QueenoftheCutie from the last challenge. Never doubt his incredible strategy and expertly-timed sac swaps! The big question this week is what moves Kneel will be running on that Primeape. Is he bringing the controversial Weather Ball or will he use Ice Punch? Maybe he has a legacy Cross Chop up his sleeve. This is definitely a pick to keep his opponent guessing.

Altaria Lanturn Registeel
Mantine Primeape Venusaur

AdibKhan has been one of the best battlers in the world since PvP began, despite only hitting level 40 last month. This week, Adib is only bringing back his star Regirock from his 3-0 win over DarthhFerrett. Word is that Adib has built 3 Azumarill for PvP. Unfortunately, the little blue bunny keeps getting banned so he can’t use any of them. Never fear, Adib still found some thicc Pokémon to fill his squad.

Mandibuzz Lapras Toxicroak
Cresselia Regirock Diggersby

At this point, who doesn’t know CalebPeng? There’s no better person to represent ATL PvP! He’s so nice that even when he beats you, you leave the match happier than you entered it. Just DO NOT accuse him of starting the grasshole line or you might see a different side of Caleb. This week we see Caleb only change out one Pokémon from his last team; he’s swapping out Drifblim for Alolan Marowak.

Shadow Machamp Rainy Castform Umbreon
Tropius Jirachi Alolan Marowak

The Chaotic Ace is a wiley battler. He is so good that he will beat you even when you know exactly what his plan is. Changing up his team after losing 1-2 to the highly respected LimonLime94, ChaoticAce is bringing a very hot line of Pokémon this week. Alolan Ninetales and Politoed have risen in the ranks after the mid-season move tweaks. Jellicent has only been out for a little over a week. We are eager to see how this strat works out for him.

Shadow Abomasnow Jellicent Politoed
Vigoroth Alolan Raichu Alolan Ninetales

Silph  Twitter

Bastiodon  Shadow Machamp  Mandibuzz Shadow Swampert  Tropius  Wigglytuff

Memorable Moment:  “Tanking a Hurricane from Shiftry with 2 shields left to lose the match in Marsh cup, flexing too hard.”
Known for:  “Tournament Organizer for Maine, Boston and Connecticut PvP communities as well as taking on a larger role in the Northeast Battlers server that Kaiser started and invited me to. Shoutout to Kaiser and the NEB fam that got me really into PvP and the community aspect of it. “
Weakness:  “Blind battles (GBL). I struggled the first few seasons to find my stride in GBL and got really discouraged and ended up quitting after a few hundred battles each season. I finally broke this streak in GBL Season 4, but it’s still my worst format by a mile. “
Hype:  “Lots of practice Silph battles and streaming GBL in voice chats with battlers! Special shoutout to xxJake for all the countless hours he’s spent watching me do my GBL sets and helping me reach Legend this season!”
Personal Message:  “Kaiser has been gracious enough to host me doing some battles on his stream a few times, and I’m looking to get into streaming on Twitch more often on my own as well. I love the PvP community on Twitter and would love to become more a part of it.”


Pelipper Primeape Registeel Venusaur Zweilous Froslass

Memorable Moment:  “My most recent Nightfall Cup with PoGo Colliseum. First ever sweep and it felt amazing.”
Known for:  “In PvP, I’m probably known for being the new guy and to losing to Cornucopolis in our local discord in every tournament.”
Weakness:  “Master League. I’m really really hoping for these themed cups in place of Masters in the future because I suck at Masters.”
Hype:  “In show 6 tournaments I like to just take a look at my opponents’ teams and see any weaknesses, if at all, and go from there. In Gbl I like to try new teams daily, especially if I drop points the day before.”
Personal Message:  “I’m relatively new to PvP. I started when GBL started and only started Silph during Season 2 (look at my S2 stats if you want a good laugh). For a while I had little to no experience team building and none of the top meta Pokémon. So I am slowly getting to where I want to be in terms of overall gameplay knowledge and consistency and happy to take part in this Friday Night Fight event representing my city and server.”


Cresselia Scrafty Stunfisk Ferrothorn Mantine Alolan Muk

Memorable Moment:  “My first ever sweep was the first Sinister cup of season 2 and I took down Lucifran (my greatest rival from the charmander lobby) in the final round. RIP friend.”
Known for:  “I’m the tournament orgainzer for Pogo Southeastern MA discord and I’m also a long time TM at Pogo Colosseum Discord.”
Weakness:  “Weighting the wrong tournament (before Silph updated the way weighting works) and procrastination. Gotta love throwing together a team less than an hour before the tourney starts!”
Hype:  “After a long day of work I like go over team my comps and strategy to get in the groove. I also enjoy an ice cold shower before a tough match to calm my nerves.”
Personal Message:  “I’ve always been a fan of PvP and Pokemon as soon as it came out. My first Silph cup was Jungle cup in a remote lobby on the Pogo Colosseum after I was invited to join by TPMatt who I met on the Plymouth discord PvP group. I hardly ever play my GBL sets but I enjoy getting new people into the PvP community and introducing them to Silph tournaments. This community is like a 2nd family to me and I wouldn’t have the drive to continue playing the game without them. Big shoutout to the organizers for providing a fun challenge, looking forward to future events!”


Altaria Alolan Marowak Melmetal Obstagoon Politoed Whimsicott

Memorable Moment:  “My first Silph cup win was a Catacomb cup with the GO Stadium server. I was relatively new to The Silph Arena because I didn’t know about PvP outside of GBL. It was such a better experience, being able to bring spicy Pokémon like Sudowoodo, Beedrill, and Breloom. Breaking away from the open GBL opened my eyes to new strategy when it came to PoGO PvP.”
Known for:  “I’m not really known publicly, so my friends just know me as the guy who loves getting outside. Whether it’s to grind Pokémon GO, play ultimate, or just go for a hike – I love enjoying the outdoors.”
Weakness:  “I’m just awkward. I don’t know how to start conversations, so when people start them with me I get excited and talk too much.”
Hype:  “I feel the most hyped when I’ve been grinding for the day just to build a new mon for a new meta. Then I get home and I’m so excited to use something different and spicy. I’ll throw on my headphones, put on Foo Fighters or J Cole, and hop right into the battles.”
Personal Message:  “I recently entered the US Army, so I’ll be moving around the next couple years. Boston will always be my home city though. It has great people and amazing communities for my three favorite hobbies: PoGO, ultimate, and music. Thank you to all my friends and family from those communities who continue to support me. I love you all and will see you as soon as I can.”

Silph Twitch Twitter

Hypno Meganium Alolan Ninetales Toxicroak Umbreon Zapdos

Memorable Moment:  “Orlando Mega Tournament”
Known for:  “Montreal Safari Cup. I started organizing tournaments since Boulder Cup, and I love hosting tournaments. I run the NEB discord server, a battle server for the Northeast part of the US (and some Canadians). I also hosted the biggest content creator tournament in existence, the Kaiser Invitational, and I’ll hopefully host more this year.”
Weakness:  “Bosoxguy’s beard”
Hype:  “Being in a room full of friends for a mega, with them around you is an un-explainable experience. That’s probably the best way for me to get excited.”
Personal Message:  “Special shoutout to Bosoxguy7, xxJake, and TheArrohh for keeping me engaed with pvp. Without them, I wouldn’t be involved in this community anymore as the hype for pvp kinda died with me over this year.”

TheChaoticAce  vs. Killshot

CalebPeng vs. Kaiser

FeelingThisOne vs. JoeyCann

KneelArmstrang vs. Bosoxguy

AdibKhan vs. Cornucopolis

Where and When to Watch the Battles

The broadcast for this showdown will feature pre-recorded battles with live shoutcasting on TeamRocketPvP. Tune in to the Twitch channel on Friday, January 22nd at 7 pm PST to catch the action.

A few days after the event has already been broadcast, you can find the video on TeamRocketAcademy’s YouTube channel, along with other Friday Night Fights and PvP content.

Final Weigh-In

These Friday Night Battles are a great way to have some fun and see high-level play. As long as there are teams laying down challenges, I will keep covering them. All you need to do is show up to watch and maybe throw around some hype in the chat.

Have fun. Fight fair. And as my Uncle Jimmy used to tell his kids, “No pulling hair!”

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