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Community Spotlight – LA v ATL PvP Showdown

Get ready for a Showdown between The City of Angels versus the City Too Busy to Hate. 


LA and Atlanta* both have champions leagues where the top battlers in each city’s monthly Silph cups compete for top honors. But which city’s battlers truly rise to the top? Only an epic showdown can answer that question.

Each league selected 5 battlers to represent their city. The 2 teams agreed to ban certain Pokémon. Within the city’s team, only 1 battler can use any given Pokémon; there can be no duplicates. Each battler will face one battler on the opposing team. The pair of battlers will play 3 matches. Every win earns 1 point for their team. The team with the most wins after all 15 matches have been played wins the Showdown.

Sounds simple, but the battles will be quite intense. 

Let’s take a look at the bans, the battlers, the teams chosen, and who’s playing whom.

* The Atlanta Champions League is also referred to as the Georgia Champions League.

No member of the opposing team can select one of the banned Pokémon for their battle team.

AzumarillAlolan MarowakDefense Deoxys
AzumarillAlolan MarowakDefense Deoxys
Alaria Cresselia
Altaria Cresselia
AzumarillAlolan MarowakDefense Deoxys
AzumarillAlolan MarowakDefense Deoxys
Galvantula Galarian Stunfisk
Galvantula Galarian Stunfisk
The heart of the LA team, AceLeaderSky, was pulled out of retirement for this Showdown. When people see his name they get inspired to perform. He was one of two LA Representatives for the WORLD CUP USA.  His skills are unmatched.

Medicham  Shiftry  Empoleon Clefairy  Diggersby  Emolga

LimonLime. The man has gone 9-0 twice! Do we need to say more?

Drifblim  Melmetal  Venusaur Whiscash  Shadow Hypno  Scrafty

One half of the power couple of LA PvP, QueenoftheCutie is known for being a strategic player.

Vigoroth  Wigglytuff  Bronzong Swampert  Beedrill  Ferrothorn

The other half of the power couple of LA PvP, Dreflames is known for his methodical team building.

Flygon  Primeape  Charizard Registeel  Shadow Abomasnow  Pelipper

Darthhferrett is the mind of the LA team. One of his proudest moments was sweeping 3 Worlds battlers in the Sinister cup with Slowbro. 

Lapras  Tropius  Toxicroak Sableye  Umbreon  Stunfisk

Silph  Twitch 

Venusaur  Swampert  Sableye Bastiodon  Bronzong  Froslass

Memorable Moment:  “The two hours after 2020 Continentals was the happiest I have ever been while playing Pokemon Go.”
Known for:  Speaking his mind and reaping the consequences for it.
Weakness:  “Staplers. I break every one I touch.”
Hype:  “I have a playlist that starts with “Put On” by Young Jeezy”

Silph Twitch  Twitter  YouTube

Golbat  Medicham  Registeel Whiscash  Mandibuzz  Meganium
Memorable Moment:  During Halloween cup in GBL, I theorycrafted with one of my friends to make a line that consisted of Wormadam Trash, Azu, and Zweilous. That line got me to Rank 10 and I gained about 400 Elo in 4 days. As a player that loves running spice, Zweilous turned out to be one of my favorite mons and I still think it’s an awesome pokemon even in the open meta.”
Known for: Reached an Elo rating of 3123 in Season 4 of GBL that put him in the top 90 on the global leaderboard.
Weakness:  “I live and die by the BM.”
Hype:  “Pvpoke simulations, yes I’m a Simulation Steve.”
ATL Scene:  “ATL is one of the best communities ever and I could not have gotten as far as I have in this game without them so big shoutout to all my ATLers. They’ve supported me so much with my streams. I couldn’t have asked for a better community to be a part of.”

Silph  Twitter 

Zweilous  Hypno  Toxicroak Shiftry  Regirock  Skarmory

Memorable Moment:  “Sweeping ATL Regionals was very memorable for me! I remember focusing extremely hard and having some amazing matches!
Known for:  Creator of Project Grookey: a multiplayer simulator for Pokemon GO PvP.
Weakness:  “I’m too broke to make most Pokémon, I really need to Stardust grind one day.”
Hype:  “Having extremely close matches and talking strats with friends!”
ATL Scene:  “You might not recognize everyone here, but they are all PvP masters!”

Silph  Twitch  Twitter   YouTube

Shadow Machamp  Rainy Castform  Umbreon Drifblim  Jirachi  Tropius
Memorable Moment:  “Season 1 Silph Regionals”
Known for:  Running anti-meta teams and his cat cam.
Weakness:  “Hubris.”
Hype:  “For team tournaments, I’m extra hyped because I know I’m battling for more than myself.”

Silph  Twitter 

Shadow Abomasnow  Melmetal  Wigglytuff Vigoroth  Stunfisk  Pelipper

Memorable Moment:  Sunrise. I ended up using the wrong moveset on Skarmory (Steel Wing) and I wasn’t able to use it for most of the tournament due to it losing a lot of matchups that an Air Slash one would have won. The final round it ended up saving me the game with Steel Wing.
Known for: Hitting top 100 in the first season of Silph and being part of the cool cats.
Weakness:  “I’m too quick to power up stuff to test. I was low on dust for so long. I’m slowly getting my reserves back up.”
Hype:  “Mostly play testing to try out new ideas and/or Pokémon. Also listening to TSwift never hurts.”
ATL Scene:  “The ATL community is filled with great battlers and even better people. “

Match 1: Limonlime vs. TheChaoticAce

Match 2: Dreflames vs. CalebPeng

Match 3: AceLeaderSky vs. FeelingThisOne

Match 4: QueenoftheCutie vs KneelArmstrang

Match 5: DarthhFerrett vs. AdibKhan

Where and When to Watch the Showdown

The broadcast for this showdown will feature pre-recorded battles with live shoutcasting on TeamRocketPvP. Tune in to the Twitch channel on Friday, January 8th at 7 pm PST to catch the action.

Now that the Showdown has already been broadcast, you can find the video here.

Final Weigh-In

The important part of this Showdown is for battlers to get together to have some fun in a time when we need it badly.  What we really want to see out of this are great battles that entertain and teach us scrubs how it’s done.

In the process, though, I have to show some support for my hometown, right? Though I am a mediocre battler (at best), I’ve competed in cups with or know personally all the guys on the Atlanta team. One of them was even the inspiration for my interest in PvP. So get ’em, boys! Show LA and the world what we’re made of down here in Atlanta.

Have fun. Fight fair. And as my Uncle Jimmy used to tell his kids, “No pulling hair!”

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