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Community Spotlight – Georgia Champions League PvP

How can you boost interest in PvP in your local community? How can you bring attention to the high level of play already happening in your local community? What about starting your own Tournament of Champions? That’s exactly what one local Trainer in Metro Atlanta did. Here’s the story of how that is developing.


G2G: First, tell us a little bit about yourself and your interest in PvP.

FirstOlympian: I’m from the suburbs of Atlanta. I got into PvP because I watch the VGC on YouTube. They hosted some PoGo championships as well, so I decided to get into that. My first cup was Sinister in Downtown Atlanta. My regular Discord doesn’t PvP, so for Ferocious Cup, I had to drive to a different city because of my availability. Same story for the Timeless cup. I met many trainers in many Greater Atlanta Cities.

G2G: What is the Georgia Champions League, and how does it work?

FirstOlympian: The Georgia Champions League takes the top two players of the monthly Silph Cup from the 4 Greater Atlanta PoGo discord. Those players face off to see who the best player in Georgia is. In addition to just the title of the Best in Georgia, the participating players earn points based on how well they do. At the end of the Silph season, four players with the most points will compete in an open draft tournament for a grand prize.

G2G: What PvP communities are involved?

FirstOlympian: Gwinnett United Pogo, Pokémon Go Athens, North Fulton PKGO Raids, ATL Pogo Raids

G2G: How can someone watch the matches?

FirstOlympian: The stream is on Twitch through our partner TeamRocketPvP. Trainer Sosaflo from LA helps me produce the show and does a majority of the legwork regarding the production.

G2G: Are people from this league involved in any special battles other than the monthly winner’s tournament?

FirstOlympian: We are running an LA vs. ATL team battle. Sosaflo on Twitter will keep you up to date. Look out for what the two teams decide to ban in the next two weeks. We are going to announce the team rosters as well as team analysis on January 6th and stream the tournament on the 8th. East coast or west coast? I’m not sure, but we will find out. Both teams have some recognizable players on their sides. Some of the top players in the world will be there. At least two of the top twenty consistently on Silph.

G2G: How do you see the GA Champions League growing?Maybe some suggestions for Niantic?

FirstOlympian: Right now, I extend an invite to two players in each of the 4 discords. Eventually, I want to see this become more exclusive. I want there to be 8 regional discords, and only extend 1 invite per tournament. I want people to reach out about where to find the next qualifier, not only to compete in the GA Champions League but also to boost the numbers of our neighbor’s tournaments.

G2G: What has been the most surprising thing about pulling all of this together?  The most challenging?

FirstOlympian: The most surprising thing is seeing everyone who wants to be involved, between wanting to find the next qualifier, to people wanting to be shoutcasters. The most challenging is putting a show together. My background is in sports broadcasting, so I’m familiar with what it takes to produce a show, but it’s a lot of legwork to get graphics ready and prep talent. I’m lucky to have Sosa as a partner to help me with that.

Where and When to Watch

The monthly champions tournament battles are pre-recorded but shoutcasted live on TeamRocketPvP. The Nightfall Cup will be broadcast Wednesday, Dec 30th at 9:30 pm EST.  

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@regox2x Bremen Champion and @SosaFlo1 sat down to learn more about the Bremen Regional Experience, Nickname's hope for Worlds and his winning Team Strategy!

It comes with a heavy heart to announce this…

I will not be going to Columbus this weekend.

Was really looking forward live battles and meeting all the friends ive made oalpng the way.

Good luck to all battlers and production.

Also this would have been my look for Sat

Update from doc regarding my Covid situation: I’m good to go for Columbus. See you all out there in a few days ✈️

Now someone please scrim with me this week. Lol

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On our #RoadToWorlds we are honored to feature the 8-0 Sweep of the India WCS Qualifier by @Ferns10_ !!!

Shoutcasted by @SosaFlo1

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4X Stardust in GBL
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