Stadium Cast Recap

Stadium Cast Episode 1 Recap

Stadium Cast, the Pokémon GO PvP podcast of GO Stadium, is finally back! After a long hiatus, a new episode aired on March, 25th, 2020. 

In Episode 1 – Back to The Stadium, hosts AJ and John talk about a variety of interesting subjects. They discuss the Genesect special research, Niantic’s response to the COVID-19 crisis, GO Battle League, the #Battle4TheWorld remote tournament, and much more! 

Let’s dive in, shall we?


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To kick off the latest episode, AJ and John talk about A Drive to Investigate, the Genesect special research story line. They discuss various parts of it, but of course focus on what role Genesect might have in Trainer Battles.

Unfortunately, the answer for now is: not much of a role. It’s similar to Scizor, but with a slightly different move pool and stats. Things might change in the future when new moves will be added to its move pool, which could provide it with extra coverage. 

Further, they discuss the role of Ninjask and Durant in PvP, which might look more promising than Genesect!


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Another interesting topic is Niantic’s response to the COVID-19 crisis. As most countries advise – and in most cases force – its inhabitants to stay at home, the numerous events that were planned for March were compromised. Niantic decided to cancel, alter, and add certain features to events and the game, in order to keep Trainers worldwide safe while playing Pokémon GO. 

AJ and John talk about these changes, what they think about it, and also what could or can be done better. They had an interesting suggestion for the current Buddy Adventure feature: When you reach the “Great Buddy” status, your Buddy starts to bring you gifts. These gifts often contain Revives or Berries, but it would be nice if they came back with some Poké Balls in order to give Trainers the ability to catch more Pokémon from home.

Interesting idea, no?


To go further on COVID-19 and its influence on Pokémon GO, AJ and John talk about the postponement of the Safari Zone events, the St. Louis SZ in particular. For many people, the decision was a big bummer, as Trainers from all over the world booked flights and hotels. With the event, a lot of ‘side events’ got cancelled as well, like the Battle Tower PvP tournament. 

Fortunately, Niantic offered refunds for those who wanted, but they also gave Trainers the option to experience the Safari Zone gameplay wherever they were playing, on the day you would be normally attending.

Of course, they also dive a bit deeper on the PvP usage of some featured Pokémon, like Ferroseed.


Battle4TheWorld Phase 1 Recap Header

It’s not a surprise they talk about the #Battle4TheWorld remote PvP tournament. Currently ongoing, this huge remote tournament is a one of kind experience with a prize pool of $1,000! They share more information of how the tournament came into shape, as well as some more explanation about it.

The tournament is divided in 3 phases, and the first one already offered us some thrilling tournaments! You can find a recap of phase 1 here.

Another heartwarming aspect is that all earnings received will go to charity in order to fight COVID-19. Stay tuned to GO Stadium and our channels for results and recaps of the tournament!

Want more excitement? GO Stadium might be up to something… maybe their own …? Well, I guess you have to find out yourself! 


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To stay in the flow of PvP, a large part of Stadium Cast goes over the arrival of the Ultra League in GBL Season 1. AJ and John talk about the meta and which Pokémon they expect to see. If you’re still looking for a good team composition, this might help as they discuss some very good and interesting picks! 

Apart from just discussing the meta, they also talk about what improvements GBL could use, like the alteration of the current ‘blind pick’ system to a ‘see 6 pick 3’ format.


The Silph Arena cup for April will be the Voyager Cup, and just like with the previous topic, a lot of discussion goes in to the meta. If you’re curious about which Pokémon have some serious potential in the next TSA cup, you’ll be in the right place here.

The Voyager Cup looks a lot like the GBL meta, so expect to hear a lot about Registeel and Azumarill at the end of episode 1 of Stadium Cast!


Rejoice! Stadium Cast is FINALLY back, and the first episode immediately makes you eager for more! Whether you listen to learn, relax, or simply to hear AJ and John making fun out of each other, this podcast has it all. We’re thrilled to hear you guys back behind the mic, and can’t wait for all future episodes! 

As a matter of fact, episode 2 is OUT NOW! You can listen to it below.

Make sure to follow GO Stadium on Twitter below, and to join the GO Stadium Discord server! You can find links to the podcast below as well. Stay safe, Trainers!

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