Go Absol, It’s Yah Birthday

Today the Gaming2gether family would like to take a minute to recognize one of our own. September 25th is a special day for G2G. Today is MT’s birthday. She is our fearless leader, our inspiration, and most importantly our friend.

G2G is the beautiful baby born from the brilliant brain of our brazenly bipedal boss, the beloved badass herself, MT. Here’s to you ma’am. May your birthday be blessed and bodacious. Please don’t hurt us for doing this. :joy:


You are a great leader and working with you is always a blast. You are the wind beneath my bun. Hbd🍻

Happy bday! My voice is my gift to you, now where’s that dictionary? 😉

Someday, somewhere, a situation will surface where we’ll all manage to meet. Maybe for minutes, maybe for more. Maybe we’ll meet for a longer duration, for drinks and dining and to do some Raiding. Reshiram or RayRay or Raikou again, as a giant group of Gaming2gether Fam we’ll go and get those great Legendaries. We’ll look for the latest in a long line of creatures. Catching them all, completing our collections, Running for rares and relishing the rewards. Then reluctantly having to return to our rightful regions where we communicate through computers and collaborate on content for our colossal creation. I hope this happens and hopefully soon. Have a hugely special and Happy Birthday Abs!

Wishing you nothing but the best, have a great Birthday!
-Ayzo and Yaaya (CoupleOfGaming)

GO Fest Chicago 2019 Fam

Happy Birthday, Wifey! Seriously couldn’t achieve my dreams without you. You’ve been an inspiration and a supportive friend and I hope today brings you joy and happiness💛

Happy Birthday, MT! The first of many more to come where we will annoy you with messages like these =D

Happy Birthday to a new wrinkle on ur face and to another set of grey hairs 😂😂

Happy Birthday, love!

Happy Birthday MT may all the best shinies come your way and hope it’s an amazing day.

Absol’s Bright, Beautiful, Bellosom Birthday!! Happy Birthday to my friend! Hope you have an amazing day!!

Happy Birthday to one badass woman in PoGo! Keep up your amazing work and let’s grow this community together!
-Kaito Nolan

Happy Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have an amazing birthday with lots of cake and treats! You definitely deserve some R&R, thanks for always being so hard working and such a great friend.

Happy Birthday to such a wonderful, helpful, and dedicated person! Thanks for being such a great influence and friend. Take a day to enjoy yourself and relax. 🎊🍻🎉

¡FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS ABSOL! As strange as it may sound, I’m proud to see how far you have come on your Pokémon GO journey, not only in the game, but out of it as well! You have done an outstanding job in every single place you dedicate your time to, and it shows. G2G seems to be your latest and greatest dedication, and I am more than honored to be part of this adventure with you.

Putting all that aside, CELEBRATE YOUR BIRTHDAY, eat some cake, have a drink, take a day off, and spend it with those that you love. Happy birthday, giiiirl, and don’t forget to take lots of GO Snapshot selfies with Party Hat Pikachu!
-Spoonz aka Josh

Ah, if it ain’t Absol, the absolutely amazing Admin I aspire to and admire! As it is the amazing anniversary of your birth, I assume you would accept my authentic wish that you have an awesome day, amazing adventures, and an athrill Birthday!

Good gravy! It’s the birthday of the gal who got G2G to grow ginormously! Great day, and get some Gible! GG to the G2G genius! 💜

Happy bday Absol!!! I hope you have a wonderful day 🙂 May all your wishes come true and may all your hard work pay off because you truly deserve it. You already know what you mean to me (and us, the Hub) and how much we all love you, but just in case you forgot here’s a reminder 😉 Thank you for all your hard work and good luck with your new projects and adventures!

Happy Birthday to a woman to multitasks better than any person I’ve probably ever met, not only that but does it all with a pleasant demeanor no matter your inner thoughts. 😉 also I don’t think anyone can make a face tattoo on the fly like you. Have a fantastic birthday, you deserve it! ❤️🦄

Happy Birthday to one of the kindest people that I met on this journey as a Pokémon Trainer! Enjoy your day with your family and friends! I hope you catch tons of Shiny Pokémon! ✨😁
-Diego (Go Hub LA/ES/Nidos Arg)

Happy Birthday, Sistah. May this day bring you all the joy in the world. You deserve every second of it. And don’t you worry, I had face tattoo’s made just for you. They are in the mail to everyone as I type this. =X

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