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Hey all! During a Rocket Invasion event, you have the opportunity to change the charge move of your Shadow Pokémon from Frustration to another within its standard movepool. With future Rocket Invasions, it is always smart to prepare which Pokémon you will want to TM beforehand to make the best use of your time.

Frustration is, as the name implies, frustrating to use and should always be changed if not being purified. We will take a look at what Pokémon you should look to TM during these limited time events. It is important to remember that although this is a general guideline, if you have spare TMs and would like to TM a certain Pokemon not in these lists, by all means, do it. As we have seen, Pokemon and their moves get updates that change how they perform in-game. 


These Pokémon all have a special limited-time move that is either very beneficial for raids or PvP battling. You will want to TM these as soon as you catch them, so they will be ready to evolve if/when their exclusive moves return.

In this group, Beldum’s final evolution will have the most viability. Great in raids and PvP with its community day exclusive move Meteor Mash, Metagross is a must pick.
Charmander’s first community day move, Blast Burn, does massive damage paired with the boosted attack shadow Pokémon receive.
Bulbasaur’s evolution, Venusaur, is a top grass attacker with Frenzy Plant.


These Pokémon, even if they don’t have the best Ivs, are typically superior to their purified/standard counterparts. If you haven’t purified them yet, I would recommend to TM these and keep them as shadows until more become available.

Top picks in this group of legendary Pokémon include Mewtwo, Raikou, and Moltres. With the exception of Raikou, you may find yourself needing to use Elite Charged TMs to teach exclusive moves for your Pokémon.

Mewtwo has a few options and is very good for raids and has increased viability in PvP. Powerful limited time moves include Shadow Ball and Psystrike, both of which will require the use of Elite Charged Tms. I would personally consider Shadow Ball more important, as the difference between Psystrike and Psychic may not necessarily be enough to justify the expense of these rare TMs.
Raikou becomes the top Electric-type attacker to date and will be very good for raids.
Moltres, in similar regard to Raikou, becomes a top Flying-type attacker as well as taking the lead in fire-types. You will need to use an Elite Charged TM to teach your Moltres the move that was limited for a period of time, Sky Attack.


Some of these Pokémon become top attackers within their type specialties. You will want to TM these for more damage in raids and to decrease the amount of time spent battling. These have become a lot more important for raids since the latest update, which changed how rewards are distributed.

To avoid duplicate mentions, consider some of the Pokémon previously mentioned as great choices in this group as well. A few that have not been mentioned yet are Dratini, Magnemite, and Machop. All three of these Pokémon fully evolved fair very well in raids and will see much use. These three Pokémon are top attackers in Dragon-, Electric-, and Fighting-type categories. It is worth mentioning that these three Pokémon do not require Elite TMs, for their optimal movesets.



The PvP meta is continuously changing. If you have any Shadow Pokémon with good IVs for PvP, I recommend you save them all for these events. Some good ones to currently lookout for are Ralts, Mudkip, and Scyther.

Evolving Ralts into Gardevoir and using charm becomes a very hard hitter in trainer battles. At this time, it is the only charm user with a shadow variant. We have seen Swampert high in the ranks, and the shadow variant takes it to the next level. Scyther’s evolution, Scizor has one of the best typings in the game in terms of resistances and can easily take advantage of this. Although it has a severe weakness to fire, its ability to charge moves quickly, and access to Night Slash will make it a considerable threat if it further boosts its attack from using the move.

As stated previously, the meta is constantly changing, so check the IVs for your caught shadow Pokémon and if they are beneficial for PvP, definitely save them for these events.


With the wide availability of fast and charged TMs, you may be in a situation in which you will have many extras. I suggest you evaluate all shadow Pokémon caught and decide what their use will be. If they appear in these lists or if they appear in multiple lists, think about hanging onto them for these Team Rocket events. Another thing to consider is, although your shadow Pokémon may not have the best IVs, they will do more damage per second than their standard counterparts. Decide whether the cost of stardust is worth spending to achieve their highest levels, and also keep in mind that Shadow Pokémon do not Mega Evolve. As stated before, the game is always changing and as new moves get released and/or updated, it is always wise to prepare ahead of time.

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