Pokémon GO: How to Prepare for Community Day

So, we are about to prepare for Community Day? Fantastic! Community is my favorite comedy show! From Dean Pelton to the vent-dwelling monkey disrespectfully named after a part of Annie’s anatomy, I loved all the characters. And the jokes! So many layers; experimental television at its finest. It made me proud to be a Human Being!

Wait, what? Not that Community Day? Oh, Pokémon GO Community Day. Cool. Cool, cool, cool. 

Yeah, I can help you prepare for that kind of Community Day. Here are some tips and tricks to get you out there catching ’em all, just in time for Charmander: Round 2.


What makes a location good for Community Day?

  • Several Pokémon spawns
  • Ample PokéStops or Gyms to spin
  • Reasonable protection from inclement weather
  • Ability to connect with your community (when it is safe to do so)

For now, many of us are probably playing from cars or doing the “play from home” edition of Community Day. There’s nothing wrong with either of those options as long as you are remaining safe and abiding by local laws.

In my local community, we have found that large parking lots have a lot of spawn points. Unfortunately, those often don’t have many PokéStops or Gyms to spin. We also have a downtown historic district with a lot of PokéStops and spawn points. Large public parks are a decent option, though you may get fewer CD Pokémon if the park is a nest than you would in a non-nest area.

Scouting a good weather location and a bad weather location can put you streets ahead. If it’s raining or super hot, head indoors, maybe to a local shopping mall.

Prepare your Pokémon Storage

How many available spaces do you have in your Pokémon storage? 50? 100? 500? You can play a full Community Day with each of those but how you spend your time during the day will be very different on either end of the spectrum. We recommend that you have as many open spots in your storage as possible. You will have to go through to evaluate the Pokémon you catch whether it’s right after you’ve caught them or at the end of the day. 

Evaluation methods

  • If you don’t care about PvP IVs, you can search “4*” or “3*” and favorite as many of those Pokémon as you care to keep. If you search for “0*” or “1*”, you may want to transfer all the lower level Pokémon in those results. High level 0* and 1* Pokémon are great candidates for random trading with friends. You never know when a trade will go lucky and that Zero will turn into a Hero. You will have to make your own determination about keeping, transferring, or trading “2*” Pokémon.
  • If you care about PvP IVs, you probably already use a tool such as GO Stadium’s Rank Checker to help you quickly determine the rank of each Pokémon. Favorite the ones you want to keep and transfer all the rest.

prepare your bag

What items will you need for Community Day?

  • Poké Balls – You will need regular Poké Balls for your GO Plus, Great and Ultra for manual catching.
  • Lures – If you are going to stay in one area and cover the same PokéStops over and over, it’s good to deploy some Lures. We do not recommend using special Lures (Mossy, Icy, Magnetic) since those attract Pokémon that will be different from the featured spawn.
  • Star Pieces – Even if the bonus is not extra stardust, it is still a great idea to run Star Pieces while you’re out grinding on Community Day. You can stack these now, so take a few minutes at the start (but not before!) to POP, POP! as many as you want to run. You will see a duration timer on the right side of your screen, telling you how long your Star Pieces will be in effect.
  • Lucky Eggs – Not many Level 40 Trainers care about gaining XP these days, but if you’re still grinding your way to Level 40, pop a Lucky Egg. These work similarly to Star Pieces, meaning they are stackable, and you can see a duration timer on the right side.
  • Incense – Incense will increase the number of Pokémon you personally encounter while in motion. At the time of this publication, most of the recent Community Day events have given us 3-hour long Incense duration. So, if you activate 6 or 8, you will have an Incense duration of 18 or 24 hours.
  • Evolution Items – This one depends on the particular Pokémon featured on Community Day. Some Pokémon require one (possibly two!) items in order to evolve to their final form. Unfortunately, you can’t purchase evolution items directly from the shop. There are ways to obtain them through regular play: Trainer Battles, TGR battles, Gifts, various Research Tasks given during or before the event, and sometimes even from spinning PokéStops.

What items can you do without on Community Day?

  • Potions and Revives – If you’re going to grind hard and catch ’em all, you probably won’t be raiding or doing TGR battles. Feel free to delete standard Potions and Revives in the days leading up to Community Day to make space in your bag for Poké Balls.

prepare yourself

Community Days used to only last for 3 hours. During COVID, Niantic graciously extended that to 6 hours. (One of the COVID bonuses that hasn’t been rolled back, yay!) That’s nice for those who love to grind and catch ’em all! It can be a challenge, though. 

  • Stay hydrated
  • Stay fed
  • Wear sunscreen or proper attire for a variety of weather throughout the day
  • Wear good shoes if your route involves a lot of walking
  • Charge your device, have spare batteries – battery pack for your phone, back up battery for your GO Plus, earbuds
  • Bring all the cables you’re going to need for staying connected to various devices

Prepare your friends

Are you close to leveling up any friendships? Why not stack those to occur on Community Day when you and your friends are more likely to be playing? This is an especially good idea if there will be an XP bonus so that people will already be planning to run Lucky Eggs during the day. Just be sure to communicate and coordinate with your friends first so you don’t Britta it.

Final Thoughts

One of the most important things to remember, however you choose to prepare or, wherever you decide to play is, to be a good neighbor. If you’re in a business district, don’t get in the way of paying customers. Always follow local driving laws, duh doy. 

Don’t forget to do your 5 GO Snapshot encounters. If you don’t have a lot of Poké Balls or don’t care about the bonus, you can just shiny check and catch the shinies! 

This is also a great time to make sure you know how to fast catch. It’s not a technique that can really be described. However, here is a great YouTube video by Creator Fam member, The Trainer Club. Watch it a few times, then  practice, practice, practice!

Finally, HAVE FUN! Whether you play with friends or walk around enjoying a themed music playlist, it’s a great way to spend some time and get to know your community a little better. So get out there, have fun, and always obey your local safety standards and social distancing guidelines.

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