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Pokémon GO App Settings

In our ever-growing series of Gameplay Guides, today we take a look at all the Pokémon GO App settings, what they do, and how you toggle them on and off.

To Access the Settings Menu

  1. From the Map View, tap the Main Menu button 
  2. At the top right, touch Settings button

Menu Options:

MusicToggles the background music. This setting is enabled by default.
Sound EffectsToggles the sound effects during gameplay. This setting is enabled by default.
VibrationsToggles the vibrations during gameplay. This setting is enabled by default.
Battery SaverToggles the battery life optimization feature. Battery Saver disables the display while the device is pointed downward. Pokémon GO will continue to track distance traveled and notify you of nearby Pokémon while Battery Saver is activated.
Push NotificationsToggles which push notifications you receive.
Change NicknameThis menu option allows you to select a new Trainer nickname. Please note that you can only change your nickname once. If you cannot see the Change Nickname menu option, you have already redeemed your one nickname change.
Sigh OutLogs out of the app.
Google & Facebook
These options allow you to connect Google or Facebook to your Pokémon GO account.
Note: Trainers under the age of 13 will not see this option.
Pokémon GO PlusOpen Pokémon GO Plus settings options.
Help CenterLaunches the Pokémon GO Help Center in a web browser.
About Pokémon GOProvides the copyrights, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and license information.

The Pokémon GO app version number is displayed in the bottom right corner.

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