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The Thinkers

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Inspirational Unicorn

MT is a:
Motha of 2 | G2G Media Co-Founder | Designer | Creator | Lvl40 PoGo Player

In her spare time who are we kidding, she doesn't have much of that but, she enjoys spending time with her family, baking yummy sweets, making fun sh*t, cutting up with anyone who has a sense of humor, watching Auburn Football and Predators Hockey.

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Supreme Mod/Comm. Queen

MD is a:
Mom of 4 | G2G Media Bad Ass | Community Coordinator | Mystic | Lvl40 PoGo Player

Most of the time she is a taxi service for the kids - soccer, soccer, and more soccer! Loves to travel and attend concerts!

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Chief Calming G.O.A.T.

Co-Founder | Builder of All Things | G.O.A.T. | Level 40x6

The man behind the curtain. Forever learning and growing as a human being. Friends and Family are life, never forget it. Hook'Em Horns!

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El Jeffe of Innovation

Dad of 4 | G2G “Biz Guy”
1/3 PoGo | 1/3 Call of Duty | 1/3 Fortnite

Globe trotter but prefers island hopping.
Breaks things to make new things, for a living. Enjoys being outdoors, spending time with family, Jeeping, and Chiefs football.