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Throwback Challenge 2020: Hoenn Infopedia

It’s time for the third week of the Throwback Challenge, Trainers! For week three, we are heading to the Hoenn region, with Hoenn themed research, increased spawns, and Hoenn Pokémon in Eggs and Raids.

In this Infopedia, you can find everything there is to know about the third stage of the Throwback Challenge!

EVENT DATE/ TIME: Fri., May 15, 2020, @ 1:00pm to Fri., May 22, 2020, @ 1:00pm (local time)
  FEATURES: CHALLENGE REWARD: Groudon w/Fire Punch & 10 Rare Candy
COSTUME PIKA: Pikachu wearing Rayquaza hats appearing in the wild
WILD: Skitty, Zangoose, Seviper, Rayquaza Hat Pikachu, and other Hoenn Pokémon Note: Zangoose and Seviper will ONLY be available in their respective regions.
RAIDS: Hoenn Pokémon
7KM EGGS: Lotad, Slakoth, Nincada, Skitty, Sableye, Mawile, Trapinch, Feebas, and Clamperl
SHINY: Skitty, Nincada, and other Hoenn Pokémon
FIELD RESEARCH: Event-exclusive Field Research tasks will reward encounters with Pokémon originally discovered in the Hoenn region
BONUSES: 1/2 Hatch Distance
1/2 Buddy Candy Distance

Hoenn Increased Spawns

Niantic specifically mentioned a couple of unique Hoenn Pokémon as having increased spawns during the third week of this event. Here is a list of the Pokémon that were mentioned, as well as some we would expect to see.

As additional spawns are reported, we will be sure to update this list accordingly.

Note: Zangoose and Seviper will ONLY be available in their respective regions.

Skitty Zangoose Costume Pikachu with Rayquaza Hat
Skitty* Zangoose* Pikachu* w/Rayquaza Hat
Seviper Treecko Torchic
Seviper* Treecko* Torchic*
Torchic Torchic Torchic 
Mudkip* Cacnea Meditite *
Torchic Torchic Torchic
Barboach* Swablu* Taillow*
Torchic Torchic Torchic
Wurmple* Aron* Whismur

Hoenn Egg Pool

Niantic has mentioned the following Pokémon as being in 7km eggs during the event. If/when we get reports of any additional Pokémon in these eggs we will update accordingly.

7km Egg Pool
Skitty Lotad Onix
Skitty* Lotad* Slakoth*
Nincada Sableye Mawile
Nincada* Sableye* Mawile*
Trapinch Feebas Clamperl
Trapinch* Feebas* Clamperl*

Hoenn Raids

We expect to see some familiar faces in the Raid Boss lineup! We will definitely miss RayRay, but I’m sure there will be some excellent choices to choose from.

Although none have been officially announced by Niantic, below are a few Raid Bosses we are assuming will be around. Be sure to check out our Homepage Dropdown for a full list once they are released!

CacturneClaydolAlolan Raichu
CacturneClaydolAlolan Raichu
Banette Hariyama
Banette Hariyama
RoseliaSableye  Nosepass
KlinkSwablu Duskull 
Klink*Swablu* Duskull* 

Shiny Skitty Fam

Shiny Skitty Family
Normal Shiny
Shiny Skitty Sprite Shiny Skitty Sprite
Normal Delcatty Sprite Shiny Delcatty Sprite

Hoenn Field Research

Exclusive Field Research tasks will be available to complete during each stage of the event. Trainers will have the opportunity to complete tasks that reward Pokémon originally discovered in the Hoenn Region. Remember, you will also receive an additional 5 Rare Candy at the start of this research due to the Johto Research only rewarding 5 Rare Candy at the end.

Play with your buddy small shiny sparkles
Catch an Electric-type Pokémon
Give your buddy a treat
Earn a heart with your buddy
Send 2 Gifts to friendssmall shiny sparkles
Catch 3 Normal-type Pokémonsmall shiny sparkles
Trade a Pokémonsmall shiny sparkles
Battle another trainer
Evolve a Pokémonsmall shiny sparkles
Stage 1 of 9
Pre-Rewardrare candy x5
Catch 3 Fire, Grass or Water-type PokémonPokéBallx10 
Catch a Rock-type PokémonStardustx500
Stage Rewards
Nosepass Pinapx1razz berryx2
Stage 2 of 9
Make 3 Nice ThrowsNosepass 
Power-up a PokémonPokéBallx5
Catch a Fighting-type PokémonStardustx500
Stage Rewards
Nosepass PokéBallx2PokéBallx1
Stage 3 of 9
Make 3 Curveball ThrowsNosepasssmall shiny sparkles
Send a Gift to a FriendPokéBall
Catch an Electric-type PokémonStardustx500
Stage Rewards
Nosepass Pinapx1Razz Berryx2
Stage 4 of 9
Catch 3 Weather Boosted PokémonBagonsmall shiny sparkles
Earn a Candy Walking with your BuddyTrapinchsmall shiny sparkles
Catch a Fire-type PokémonStardustx500
Stage Rewards
Camerupt Pinap Berryx2Razz Berryx1
Stage 5 of 9
Make 3 Great ThrowsShedinja
Power-up Pokémon 3 timesGreat Ballx10
Catch a Normal-type PokémonStardustx500
Stage Rewards
Slaking Pinap Berryx1Razz Berryx2
Stage 6 of 9
Battle another TrainerAbsolsmall shiny sparkles
Catch a Water, Bug or Electric-type PokémonUltra Ballx10
Catch a Flying-type PokémonStardustx500
Stage Rewards
Swellow Pinap Berryx2Razz Berryx1
Stage 7 of 9
Give your Buddy 3 treatsCharge TM
Catch a Ghost-type PokémonRevivex5
Catch a Psychic-type PokémonStardustx500
Stage Rewards
Claydol Pinap Berryx1Razz Berryx2
Stage 8 of 9
Take a snapshot of a Water-type PokémonClamperlsmall shiny sparkles
Evolve a PokémonStarpiece
Catch a Water-type PokémonStardustx500
Stage Rewards
Claydol Pinap Berryx2Razz Berryx1
Stage 9 of 9
Claim reward3000 XP
Claim reward3000 XP
Claim reward3000 XP
Stage Rewards
Mewtwosmall shiny sparkles
Groudon w/Fire Punch
rare candyx10

Hoenn Bonuses

A couple of added bonuses are also available during this event including: 1/2 Buddy Candy Distance and 1/2 Egg Hatch Distance.

Below are our handy tables to help you with doing the math…b/c as you may know, MT doesn’t math.

Egg Distances are already
1/2 distance due to Covid-19


Hoenn Hype!

Are you ready to show some love for Gen 3, the Hoenn region? Let’s hope so, Trainers! If it isn’t for the increased spawns, egg pool, new shiny family, or Raids, you sure want to show some love for those amazing research rewards. We hope you enjoy this trip down to memory lane and have fun on all your Hoenn adventures.

Stay safe out there Trainers, and respect all your local guidelines concerning Covid-19.

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