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TGR Leader Quotes: What Does it all Mean?

Recently, different quotes and sayings for all the Team Go Rocket Leaders and Giovanni himself were data-mined and leaked into the world, and boy do they give some insight into these characters!

Professor Willow has been building up a story in the form of Willow Reports for the past week, so it cannot be long until we, the Players, get our hands on the Super Rocket Radar and start kicking some booty!


Willow Report - Arlo

Arlo Challenges

  • Why do you insist on wasting my time?”
  • “You lack the gravitas to be in the presence of Team GO Rocket. I’ll finish this quickly.
  • “Well, if you insist on battling, as a Trainer, I must accept. However, you will pay for inconveniencing me.”
  • “You have such an air of arrogance about you. Allow me to dispel it for you.”
  • “Your insolence disgusts me. I’ll make sure your confidence is utterly shattered following this battle.”
  • “Your sense of self-importance sickens me. Are you prepared to be wholly humiliated?”
  • “Your arrogance will be your downfall, and I shall be the one to set that in motion.”
  • “Loss is not a concept I’m acquainted with. I don’t expect that will change after this battle.”
  • “A person of your stature shouldn’t be this confident. Fret not—I’ll do you the honor of teaching you this lesson.”
  • “Usually I wouldn’t consider debasing myself by battling a commoner…but I’ll make an exception to humiliate you.”

Arlo Victory

  • “Don’t be too disappointed. It was always going to end like this.”
  • “I never lose. Now get out of my sight.”
  • “If this is the best Candela and her little friends can offer, Team GO Rocket has nothing to worry about.”
  • “If the rest of the Trainers of this world are like you, then Team GO Rocket’s success is assured.”
  • “It was foolish of you to think you could beat me. It’s because of my brilliance that we have Shadow Pokémon!”

Arlo Combat Quotes

  • “It’s time to learn your place in the world.”
  • “I never lose.”
  • “Prepare yourself for a world of hurt.”
  • “Arrogance leads to failure.”
  • “Your defeat comes on swift wings.”

The quotes from Arlo reveal quite an interesting backstory. Previously a member of Team Valor, and a personal friend of Candela’s, Arlo is now a Team Go Rocket Leader, and his sayings definitely give some insight as to why he may have left Team Valor. Intensely focused on the Trainer’s arrogance, he seems to mock the idea of self-confidence, saying that it ‘disgusts him.’ Self-confidence and well, valor are key focuses of the members of the team he left behind. Perhaps growing spiteful, he decided to join Team Go Rocket?


Willow Report - Cliff

Cliff Challenges

  • “I won’t let Giovanni down!”
  • “You? Defeat me? Not gonna happen.”
  • “You’re nothing more than a weak distraction.”
  • “I won’t let the boss down.”
  • “This’ll be a lesson you won’t soon forget.”
  • “This hero thing you’re trying? It’s about to come crashing down on you.”
  • “You’re a pest, and I’m gonna give you the boot.”
  • “Anyone who gets in my way gets destroyed.”
  • “This is for Team GO Rocket.”
  • “My loyalty gives me strength. I won’t lose!”

Cliff Victory

  • Hahaha! What’d I tell ya? Of course I’d win!”
  • “Yes! I hope you’re proud of me, Boss.”
  • “Heh heh… That’s right. I beat you!”
  • “I’d never let the boss down!”
  • “That’s right! Team GO Rocket never loses!”

Cliff Combat Quotes

  • “My strength comes from my loyalty to Team GO Rocket.”
  • “I will do anything and everything for Team GO Rocket.”
  • “I owe the boss my life. I’d do anything for him.”
  • “Team GO Rocket saved me. It’s time to return the favor!”
  • “Add my name to your list of weaknesses.”

Cliff, though his quotes are a lot shorter than Arlo’s, shows a bit of insight into a possible troubled past, or tragic backstory. He boasts his loyalty to Team Go Rocket, and is fixated on the boss’s approval, and not letting him down. He goes as far as straight-up saying that he “owe[s] the boss [his] life” and that “Team Go Rocket saved [him].” What could Team Go Rocket, or more specifically, Giovanni, have saved him from? Will we ever find out~?


Willow Report - Sierra

Sierra Challenges

  • “This won’t be all bad—when you lose, you’ll at least get to hear me say you made a good effort.”
  • “I won’t be surprised when I win.”
  • “It will be good for you to see a true Trainer like me in battle.”
  • “If you are as weak as your team leaders, then this fight will be easy.”
  • “You should probably take notes, dear.”
  • “I’ll never pass up an opportunity to show off on the battlefield!”
  • “Can we move this along? I’d love to stay and chat, but I have a meeting to get to.”
  • “You shouldn’t get in my way. You might get hurt, dear.”
  • “This is a challenge you should walk away from, dear.”
  • “This is probably a waste of my time, but I do love winning!”

Sierra Victory

  • “I wish I could enjoy this victory, but it wasn’t a surprise!”
  • “…Oh? You’re still here?”
  • “Move along, dear. Team GO Rocket always wins.”
  • “How…simple.”
  • “Come back when you can actually pose a challenge, dear!”

Sierra Combat Quotes

  • “I envy you—you get to battle me!”
  • “This will be a battle I’m sure you’ll never forget.”
  • “You already know this, but you don’t stand a chance.”
  • “You can’t possibly match my skill, dear.”
  • “I do hope you like the taste of failure!”

Sierra is so self-absorbed that I have to admit, I do not think she and Arlo get along very well! Her patronizing use of ‘dear’ adds onto this condescending attitude that she is developing as more of her character is revealed. She brags about how great she is, how victory for her is ensured and is very nonchalant about fighting the Player. She also takes a jab at the three team leaders, calling them all weak (which… is warranted after each of their performances in the Willow Reports).


Giovanni Team Rocket Boss

Giovanni Challenges

  • “Prepare yourself for a world of pain.”
  • “I’d say to prepare for battle, but you have already lost.”
  • “Humble yourself. You are facing the world’s greatest Trainer.”
  • “If you insist on disrupting my plans, I will insist on making you regret it.”
  • “You have no idea who you are challenging, child.”
  • “You underestimate Team GO Rocket. Prepare for battle.”
  • “There is no stopping my plans.”
  • “Two things are inevitable: my success and your failure.”
  • “You have proven yourself by reaching me, so I shall spare you a moment of my time.”
  • “You may have made it here, but this is as far as you’ll go.”

Giovanni Victory

  • “What an amusing Trainer.”
  • “As expected, Team GO Rocket cannot be stopped.”
  • “You cannot stop my master plan.”
  • “Do not try to interfere again.”
  • “You failed as soon as you challenged me, Trainer.”

Giovanni Combat Quotes

  • “I will not tolerate your interference.”
  • “You cannot stop me…but I’m amused by your attempt.”
  • “Your professor has not prepared you for what is to come.”
  • “You’ve made it this far. Let me see just how strong you are.”
  • “You will never defeat Team GO Rocket.”

The man himself, the boss, the man with the Persian- Giovanni, has also been data-mined. His quotes are nothing less than what I would expect from him, as we have seen him across other platforms of Pokémon, including the games, anime, or manga. He claims to be the “world’s greatest trainer,” and I guess it is our job to knock him off that pedestal! We will get you Giovanni, and your little Persian too.

Decoy Grunts

Decoy Combat Quotes

  • “What, did you think finding the boss was going to be that easy?”
  • “I can’t believe you fell for it!”
  • “In the name of the boss, I’ll destroy you!”
  • “You’ll never get to him!”
  • “It feels good to see you disappointed.”

Decoy Phrases

  • “Looking for the boss? HA. Try again.”
  • “I’ve been given strict orders. I’m to crush anyone who’s looking for the boss!”
  • “I’m sorry—the boss is at another PokéStop.”
  • “You’ll never find Giovanni!”
  • “You’ve been tricked again, punk! Our boss isn’t here, but I am—and I’m raring for a battle!”
  • “Hyuck-hyuck—tricked ya, didn’t I?”
  • “You’ll never find the boss!”
  • “Team GO Rocket forever! I’ll protect the boss with my life!”
  • “Heh heh. Feeling lucky? Well, you shouldn’t be. He’s not here, and I’m gonna crush you!”
  • “Hyuck-hyuck—you’re messing with the wrong grunt, kid!”
  • “You think you’re a hero? You can’t even find the boss!”

First of all, “Hyuck-hyuck,” when did Goofy go dark and join Team Go Rocket? Besides that, these phrases, and the file name ‘decoy,’ indicate that these will be grunts that are tracked down by the Super Rocket Radar, and turn out to be flukes. Finding Giovanni (and his Persian) may be a little harder than we think.

That concludes all the different phrases that have been data-mined! What do you think of these phrases and the personality that they add to the different characters? Are you like me and what to know more about them?! Do you have a favorite? Let us know in the comments below~!

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