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Shiny Rainy Castform is Kind of a Big Deal…

The 24th of March 2021 sees the introduction of the first Weather Week in Pokémon GO, with a focus on rainy and windy weather. For some of us (cough, cough, UK-based players), a week of wind and rain may basically be the norm (sigh). However, for some players, this week will bring a nice diversity of spawns to their gameplay. Pokémon such as Vaporeon, Lotad, Skarmory, and Wingull will be popping up in increased numbers.

There is also a much-needed stardust bonus during the event for catching weather-boosted Pokémon. The introduction of Level 50 and the ability to power up our Pokémon beyond Level 40 means there are plenty of players that are starved of stardust, so this aspect of the event will be important to many. However, more important still is the new featured shiny for the event.


Weather Week will see the debut of shiny Rainy Castform. Although the shiny form isn’t all that different from the original (it’s a bit greener), just the existence of this shiny form in the game is exciting. This is because the different forms of Castform cannot be shiny in the main series games, or any other Pokémon game for that matter. Pokémon GO is getting a shiny form before the main series games are, even though Castform and its variations have been around since Generation 3 (in your face, Ruby and Sapphire).

Pokémon GO rarely gets this sort of preferential treatment, but this is not the first time it has debuted something new. During the September Community Day in 2018, Meltan was teased for the first time in the game, sending players into a frenzy of excitement (and confusion). Not only did Pokémon GO debut Meltan, but it is also the only place you can evolve it into Melmetal. This makes Meltan the MVP for Pokémon GO – and Niantic knows it. Of all the Pokémon currently in the game, which one gets the honor of being Professor Willow’s buddy Pokémon? No, not Bidoof. It’s Meltan, of course.

The debut of shiny Rainy Castform during Weather Week might not be as exciting as seeing hundreds of Meltan spawning in-game for the first time, with no idea what it is or why it is happening. Even so, it recognizes the importance of Pokémon GO to the franchise as a whole. It also suggests that Pokémon GO is likely to continue to get more Pokémon debuts or exclusives. Let’s hope this is the case!

So, are you excited about Weather Week? Or are you from a region where Lotad reigns supreme already? Let us know in the comments below, on our Discord server, or on Twitter!

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