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Safari Zone at Home, St. Louis Edition

Although all in-person Niantic Live Events have been postponed, those who chose to retain their Stl. tickets instead of requesting a refund will be able to enjoy the event-specific spawns along with special research during their respective ticket days and hours.

For that reason, we bring you this mini-pedia to help you best prioritize your time during the Stl. event.

Something to also keep in mind, the Psychic Spectacular is also slated to happen during this same weekend.

Fri., Mar. 27th, Sat. Mar. 28th,
& Sun. Mar. 29th, 2020
Early Access 10am – 6pm local time
General Admission: 12pm – 6pm local time
 NEW INFO: 8-hour Incense & Special Research
RAIDS: None with Stl. event so STAY HOME!
WILD: Chatot, Teddiursa, Unown S, Mankey, Ferroseed, Servine, and more!
EGGS: None for St. Louis, but don’t forget about the Psychic Spectacular!
SHINY: Mankey…more?
SPECIAL RESEARCH: Special research to help you keep your PokéBalls stocked!

STL @ Home Spawns

Per the original announcement, we do know the following Pokémon will be spawning largely for the event! As for a new shiny release, could it be Teddiursa? We’ll have to wait and see. 

*If you use Incense during your Safari Zone ticket day and hours it will last 8 hours and be Super Effective. Also, the only Psychic Spectacular spawns it will attract are Gothita and Solosis.

SnivyTeddiursa*St. Louis
Boler Hat Pikachu ThrohPlant Cloak Burmy
(Safari Hat)*
Machop Machop Machop
Machop* Karrablast  Meditite*
Gothita Solsis
Gothita Solosis

STL @ Home REsearch

Recent news from Niantic stated that those with tickets for St. Louis @ Home will receive special research tasks to help keep their Poké Balls plentiful during this frenzy of spawns!

Once we learn more, we will update below!

Evolve 3 PokémonGreat Ballx100
Transfer 10 PokémonIncensex1
Catch 10 Different Species of PokémonGreat Ballx5
Stage Rewards
Super Incubatorx1  Great Ballx1 Great Ballx10 
Take a Snapshot of your buddyx1
Give your buddy 3 treatsx100
Play with your buddy 3 timesx1
Stage Rewards
From Research Gathered, The Teddiursa Encounter is a Guaranteed Shiny Encounter

Tips & Tricks

Even though the event is geared towards staying home and playing, there are still a few tips and tricks we can provide you to make the most out of the 8-10hr spawn-a-polooza!

Incense: Incense last EIGHT, glorious hours y’all! Be sure to throw one on as soon as the event starts for you per your ticket’s date and time!

Star Pieces: Granted, Star Pieces are still only 30min each but, you are going to be catching like crazy so throw them on while you can. If you are running low, you can definitely purchase some in the shop to make sure you have enough to cover your playtime!

Special Research: Be sure to stay on the lookout for the Professor as I believe he will be available with some research to help you replenish your PokéBall stash. Don’t quote me on this as I’m not 100% sure how it will work. We’ll be watching ZoëTwoDot’s Livestream to learn more!

Special Spawns: If you are like me, save some special spawns for your friends who either didn’t purchase a ticket or decided to opt for the refund. They will thank you later when it’s safe to trade.  

Most Importantly: Stay safe and have fun! It’s not an ideal situation for anyone but let’s all try to make the best of it!

SZ @ Home Hype

Although we would have loved to travel to St. Louis and see the sites, explore the city, and visit with our friends, we appreciate that Niantic is looking out for us and offering another solution.

Trainers, we ask that you continue to stay safe, make good choices, and think about the health of others and safety during these trying times. 

Be sure to share your spectacular catches and exciting finds with us on Twitter by tagging @G2G_Med1a and good luck!!!

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