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Powering Up PokéStops and Gyms is Coming

Powering up PokéStops and Gyms will soon be hitting Pokémon GO. Just what exactly does that mean? Well, we will share what we know so far about the mechanics and the rewards.

Powering Up a PokéStop and Gym

Not all PokéStops and Gyms are created equal. Meaning, not all are eligible for powering up. However, there will be an indicator if they are. As seen below, a ring will show around the outside of the Photo Disc. That ring will have tick marks indicating the PokéStops particular level and duration. Don’t worry, we’ll discuss more about the levels and tick marks below. 

Power up PokéStop Power up PokéStop 2
Note: Powering up PokéStops and Gyms is currently only available to Trainers in certain regions as part of a test. The final functionality is subject to change.  


Each PokéStop or Gym that is eligible for powering up will have a ring with tick marks all the way around indicating whether it is at level 1, 2, or 3 of the power up. The higher level, the more benefits you receive. For example, and NOTE these are only examples, level 1 will give you an extra items and will last three hours. Level 2 may give your buddy an extra heart, along with the level 1 rewards, and last six hours. Level 3 could possibly give you an extra spawn point, level 2 and level 1 rewards, and last 12 hours.

Once a PokéStop or Gym has been powered up to a new level, the appearance will change to let you know exactly how much it’s powered up.

Powered up PokéStop progression image

The Catch

Ok, so yeah, there’s always a catch. For some of you, it may be no big deal, while for others it’s definitely been a hot topic. AR Scanning

Remember those little tick marks we talked about before, well, those indicate location points. By contributing to location points, via AR scanning, the more power the PokéStop or Gym gets. The more scans, the more contributions, and the higher the level. Can you do it more than once? We aren’t sure yet but will definitely let you know. 

Step-by-Step Guide

Below is a step-by-step guide on the mechanics of powering up a PokéStop or Gym via the Niantic Help Shift website:

Once you are within range of an eligible PokéStop or Gym, you can follow these steps to power it up:
  1. Tap on the PokéStop or Gym to view the Photo Disc.
  2. Tap on the power up button in the bottom right
  3. Tap Scan PokéStop or Scan Gym
  4. If this is your first time scanning, you will first need to review the safety information and tap OK
  5. Take a scan of the PokéStop or Gym. For instructions and guidance on how to take an AR scan, see this article.
  6. Tap Upload now to contribute to that PokéStop or Gym immediately, or Upload later to save your scan to submit later. Please note that if you choose to upload later, you will not be able to contribute location points until the scan has been uploaded successfully.

Not too over Powering 

This mechanic is currently being tested in different parts of the world and we can only hope that those who are participating will provide constructive and thorough feedback, as well as, Niantic listening to said feedback. Personally, my participation in this new feature will solely be based on rewards. They gotta be good for me to take the time to scan.

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