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Pokémon GO Special Event: Taiwan Dragon Boat Festival

A Pokémon GO Special Event is just around the corner for Trainers attending the exciting Dragon Boat Festival in Taiwan!  In line with the traditional Zong Zi, aka Sticky Rice Dumpling Festival, this event is sure to be an interesting one. 

Dear trainers:

Don’t forget the teamwork spirit necessary for the dragon boat race when celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival! A special event themed around raids is coming soon. When sharing the dumplings with family and friends, let’s raid together!

Taiwan Dragon Boat Festival

Thu., June 25, 2020 @ 8:00 AM CST to Mon., June 29, 2020 @ 10:00 PM CST
Throughout Taiwan

Special Field Research featuring:
Lickitung, Darumaka, Hippopotas, Alomomola and Audino.

A special, limited time gift box.

Event Related Field Research

Pokémon GO is sure to help add some excitement to the festival with its increased spawns.

Beginning June 25th at 8am (local time) until June 29th at 10pm, field research tasks related to raids will be available at Pokéstops throughout Taiwan. Like how it takes a team working in unison to row a Dragon Boat, trainers will need to work together in order to defeat the raids that appear. 

Trainers will be able to find special Field Research, which will reward encounters with Lickitung, Darumaka, Hippopotas, Alomomola, and Audino.

Alomomola Audino

The Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional holiday originating in China, occurring near the summer solstice. Currently celebrated on the 5th day of the 5th Lunar Month, according to the Chinese Calendar, in 2020, the festival will be celebrated on the 25th of June

Two of the activities most related to the Festival are Dragon Boat Racing and the eating (and preparing) of Zong Zi, or Sticky Rice Dumplings. A tradition going back over 2,500 years, it supposedly originated when commoners raced out into the water on their longboats in order to recover an admired minister, and, when they could not find him, dropped dumplings of sticky rice into the river in order to stop the fish from eating his body. 

*courtesy of Wikipedia

Writers Note:
If its themed around the Zong Zi, this writer wonders if Snorunt will be a feature too?

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