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Pokémon GO: Play at Home Announced

Trainers! We’ve been playing at home for a while now, and by the looks of it, that won’t change in the near future. But the world of Pokémon GO keeps moving, and Niantic knows that like no other! Therefore, they have announced the upcoming Play at Home section to keep track of all features that let you play the game in individual settings.

Let’s take a look!


Play at Home

Soon, you will be able to access this new feature through the in-game Poké Ball menu. Before release, it will be available on the Pokémon GO website.

It’s been a while since Niantic first announced updates to Pokémon GO due to the Covid-19 crisis. The Play at Home section is meant to give you a quick refresher on in-game features, divided into six big categories:


In this section, you will likely be given a refresher on how to use an Incense, as well as all you need to know about the extended duration on Incense alike items.


How many Gifts can I open? Was it 20, or 30? And how many can I carry? All of these questions will be answered under the Gift section. 


Here, you’ll be able to find all info on Remote Raids, the current GO Battle League requirements, as well as a guide on how to initiate Trainer Battles using the battle QR code.


When and how do you receive a free Research Task? What do you need to do to complete these tasks? Expect all that to be found under the Research section.


Your Buddy can now bring you Items, and finds you Gifts to send to your Friends. What items can you get? Learn everything about it in the Buddy category.


Not entirely up to date with the latest in-game styles and how to dress up your avatar with items from the Style Shop? The Style section has got you covered!

Every section will come with additional tips on the subject to help you on your adventures at home. All the features mentioned in the Play at Home section can be enjoyed everywhere, regardless from where you play. Consider this as your go-to source for all info you tend to forget every now and then!


There’s adventure everywhere! Even when you’re playing from the comfort of your home, there’s plenty to do in the world of Pokémon GO.

Despite the current circumstances, there’s still a lot to explore and enjoy in the world of Pokémon GO. The Play at Home section will remind you of that, and will help you on all your future adventures, out or at home! Keep track of all updates regarding in-game events here.

Remember to stay safe, follow guidelines from local health authorities when playing Pokémon GO, and enjoy your exploring!

P.S. Did you spot Palkia as well? :wink: Will it return to Raids? We’ll have to see…

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