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Niantic 2020 Submissions Ending Soon!

Niantic 2020

Niantic 2020 was a push by Niantic to find more parks and areas to hold events such as GO Fest and Safari Zone around the world. This submission process allowed players to nominate a park or other venue within their city, or near to them, that could be selected to hold a sponsored Niantic Event. This is extremely important to many people around the world, as it brings the chance for more people to attend these extremely fun and immersive events.

However, the deadline for submissions is October 1st, 2019, which is tomorrow!!! Hopefully, you have already been working on a submission, if you had planned to do one, but if you are putting the finishing touches on it, then you better kick it into maximum overdrive.

Niantic 2020 Submission key criteria

Key Criteria is a fancy word for ‘requirements’, and Niantic sure laid down the law on what they expected from submissions. Some criteria are more important than others, but you can read the entire list of criteria on their information and submission page: Niantic 2020

Some of the most important aspects of submitting include:

  • Is the park big and beautiful, 50-100 acres?
  • Do they allow festivals?
  • Is it a safe area?
  • Is it near hotels and public transportation, as well as, is it a financially accessible place?
  • Would the city (and Police Department) be supportive of holding an event, and is there a large Pokémon GO player-base in the city?
  • Can roads be closed to car traffic / is there enough space for commercial vehicles to load and unload decorations?
  • How is the usual weather?

And of course, much much more, but I believe that these are your keys to thinking of a park, especially size, weather, and if the park allows festivals. If you missed this round of submissions, these key points are important to keep in mind if Niantic ever decides to take suggestions again!

Community video Submissions

What now? submissions are closing!

Make sure you have, if you wanted to, submitted your nomination. And after that? Just kick back your feet and wait… and review some of the other submissions! The #NianticLive2020 hashtag on Twitter (and probably on Instagram) is bustling with worldwide submissions! Plenty of videos, informative writing, and pictures have been posted, so it is 100% worth a scroll through to see what kind of places might make an event near you! Twitter #NianticLive2020 Submissions.

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