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Ultra Unlock Bonus or Bogus?

The following article is the opinion of one individual, and one individual only. It does not reflect the overall views of G2G and their staff on the Ultra Unlock Bonus.

I’d like to start this opinion piece off by saying a few things we as consumers have to try to remember that we often forget. First, Niantic and The Pokémon Company, Inc. are businesses. In order to maintain their businesses they will have to act like a business from time-to-time, meaning realistic monetary gains are needed to pay employees, vendors, and other expenses that are incurred. Companies also tend to plan events in advance in order to seek approvals and/or make sure they are working according to plan. Also, by planning in advance, this will allow them to make edits as needed based on feedback from various sources. All of this to say, Niantic most likely does this with events and with the current state of the world, has to make changes as they go along. They have been doing some positive in this world of negative and we can’t forget that. 

Now, on to my opinion of the last few weeks…The good. The bad. And the down right ugly.

Pokémon GO Ultra Unlock week one - Dragon Week header by G2G Media

Dragon Week

We all know where I’m going to start with this one…Deino (or lack thereof). I’ll be frank, I honestly wasn’t displaced about the lack of Deino availability because the way I looked at it, I most likely wasn’t going to see a shiny one this go around.

However, I will say, selecting a Pokémon as the “main featured Pokémon” and giving people two guaranteed chances at it seems bit underwhelming. And no, I did not forget that there was also the “paid” opportunities you had to possible find one. You could spend a fortune on incubators to hatch it from eggs at a horrendous hatch rate percentage, but to me, that doesn’t feel like much of a bonus/reward for something we were told we earned.

My glorious RayBae was put back into raids for the week. Now this…this was a great distraction for me to keep my mind off Deino. I love Rayquaza and I love shiny Rayquaza even more. So much so, I dropped more money on the game than I have in a while in order to obtain remote raid passes due to the fact I’m not extremely comfortable getting out into public due to personal circumstances and COVID. Did I enjoy it? Of course I did! I love raiding with friends around the world for the most beautiful Pokémon ever. But again, here I am spending even more money on an event that was a reward for working so hard during a previously paid event. Why was this bothering me so much?

Pokémon GO Enigma Week Header by G2G

Enigma week

Oh Enigma week. Enigma week started to turn a corner for me. Let’s remember what all it offered…

  • Deoxys available in 5-star raids;
  • U, L, T, R, A Unown in 2-star raids; 
  • New Pokémon: Elgyem;
  • Shiny Releases: Deoxys, Unown, and Staryu.

There were quite a few other Psychic-type Pokémon I was looking forward to hunting due to still needing their beautiful shiny variants so hey…this is looking up.

Well, the week wasn’t so horrible for me as a Trainer but, my heart sank as I continued to watch friends, fam, and several other individuals around the world dump more and more money into the game with many of them being disappointed.

At the start of the week, I personally made the decision not to spend a ton of money or raid passes on the Unown. After watching people do anywhere from 50 – 250 raids with no luck…I just put my foot down and decided it’s not worth it.

So, I spent some money on remote raid passes in order to get my shiny Deoxys as well as help friends get their’s because that’s what friends do. I managed to get a shiny Staryu which was a total surprise and an after clicking a ton of them and Baltoy during the event.

I am definitely not one to want something handed to me, don’t get this statement wrong…but here I/we are again working hard for a reward that was supposed to be a reward. It just doesn’t add up here.

As for those friends who spent a ton of money with no reward…yeah, I get it. They are grown ass people who can make their own decisions about their money and they should know the consequences if RNG isn’t on their side. However…it only takes so much of this disappointment for them to not want to open this game we all love and then I lose them my PGO buddies. OR, I lose them because I can no longer watch the pain and anguish addiction can cause some folks due to FoMO that I will do what a friend is supposed to do and step in to express my concern for them. Which could truly return some ugly results. But again, that’s what a friend does if they are truly a friend. It’s crazy a game can take it so far for some, yeah?

Unova Website Header by G2G

Unova Week

Huzzah! Unova Week! Unova was quite the upturn for me. I truly enjoyed this week and it was a GREAT way to end the Ultra Bonus. I just wish the other two weeks had this same vibe. Here are some highlights of what this week offered:

  • Shiny Genesect in 5-star raids
  • New Pokémon: Sewaddle, Cottonee, Emolga
  • New Shiny: Genesect & Roggenrola

Yes…spent more money on Gene…I was 2/2 on previous shiny legendary and I held back on Unown, so why not make it 3/3. I managed to get all of the new releases which was great. They were by no means all easy to get, but still was able to get multiple during the week long event. Shiny Gene…check. Shiny Roggen…negative. However, I’m not upset…the amount of Roggenrola spawns over the duration of the event were crazy good and I was able to stock up on that candy. Besides, they never said “increased shiny” so I’m definitely not phased about not getting one.

There were a few things that seemed like hiccups during the week but nothing worth noting in my opinion. So, if I were to rank this week out of 10…it would be a solid 7. 

In Closing

I try to make my closing subheads funny/punny…but with my feelings towards the last few weeks, I find it hard to joke about. 

Overall, these weeks have been something I’ve heard a lot but never really believed in. A money grab. Pay-to-Play. Loot Boxes? It pains me to say it because I truly love this game. What it does for so many people and their communities and what it has done to accommodate those individuals during this global pandemic. However, these weeks were supposed to be a “Bonus” for hard work performed during a paid event that we were told we accomplished wholly and legitimately and it just doesn’t feel that way. As someone I trust and admire very much said, Everything since, and including, GO Fest has felt like we are being given the privilege to pay for things. It’s sad, but true. Now…take the release of Megas…don’t worry, an article on this may come later but, the initial feeling is definitely one of monetary gain. Let us know your thoughts.

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