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Luminous Legends X/Y Review (X)

The Best Ever Free Event in Pokémon GO: Luminous Legends X Review

At the beginning of May 2021, Pokémon GO launched the Luminous Legends X event. It was a huge shake-up to the event format of recent months and a roaring success with the player base. The event debuted new Kalos Pokémon, a new Legendary raid boss, a Global Challenge with amazing rewards, awesome spawns, engaging research, and the best 7km egg pool in years. 

The Luminous Legends X event was the longest event we have had in a long time. It lasted 2 weeks and was split up into 2 parts. During the first few days, players had to work together to complete a Global Challenge. In doing so, we unlocked more bonuses for the second half of the event. This meant that the event remained fresh and exciting right until the end.

Let’s take a look at what made this event so successful and the aspects we hope to see carried forward in the future.


Wow. The spawns for this event were spectacular and seemed to please everyone. Shiny collectors, raiders, battlers, hardcore players, and newbies all had something to enjoy. The event promised dragon and Fairy-type spawns, and it did not disappoint. Many players reported completing their Platinum Dragon Badge, or at least making significant progress towards doing so. The abundance of Dragon and Fairy-type Pokémon also helped some trainers to advance in their Mew Special Research.

The event debuted a sprinkle of new Kalos Pokémon, all of which seem to be viable in PvP. Goomy introduced a new dragon-type family to the Pokédex and surprised everyone by being far more common than Axew. It is also the most adorable little dragon-slug that ever did live and must be protected. 

It was great to see that Dratini, Bagon, and Ralts were all common spawns. Yes, they are all old Community Day shinies, but their families are still dominant in the meta. Mega Salamence, Gardevoir, and Gallade will all be coming to the game soon, and the event was a good opportunity to hunt for decent IVs and farm candies and candy XL.


Team GO Rocket was boosted throughout the event, helping trainers complete their Timed Research and battle Giovanni. This was a bit of a surprise bonus, and not unwelcome.

During the first part of the event, trainers had to once again work together towards completing a Global Challenge. Cue the groans. Well, maybe not this time.  The Global Challenge was much more enjoyable and well-received. Instead of raiding, players had to catch 500 million Fairy-type Pokémon collectively. Yes, that sounds like a lot. It is. But with the boosted Fairy-type spawns and the fact that catching is (mostly) free to play, the community was able to smash the target days before the deadline. 

Beating the Global Challenge unlocked shiny Galarian Ponyta, Pancham in raids, and triple catch XP. Holy moly! The bonuses were amazing and lasted for just under a week.   

Trainers were also able to TM or evolve Dragonite and Salamence to acquire their exclusive Community Day moves. This is the first time that Pokémon GO has allowed us to do this without using an Elite TM. Hopefully, we will also see this bonus in future events.


The research tasks during this event were varied and achievable. Although the dreaded ‘win 2 raids’ made a comeback with Gible as a reward, it still gets a pass as ‘catch 10 Dragon-type Pokémon’ gave the same reward.  Dratini and Bagon were so common that catching 10 Dragon-types was also pretty easy.

The fact that the daily free research task also awarded an encounter with a Fairy-type Pokémon was a nice touch. It helped players complete the Global Challenge and was a great new addition to the event. The task ‘catch 15 fairy-type Pokémon’ awarded Galarian Ponyta, which was extremely desirable once the shiny was released. The task was a bit uncommon but again achievable for free-to-play trainers.

The Timed Research was also engaging, challenging but achievable. It had 7 pages and was much more difficult than previous Timed Research. However, as the event was 2 weeks long, there was plenty of time to complete it and feel a sense of achievement by doing so. The research line also rewarded trainers with the new Rainy Lure Module, a premium item that allows players to evolve their Goomy all the way up to Goodra. Nice!


After weeks of the Forces of Nature Trio, players were super excited for a new Legendary raid boss. The event mascot, Xerneas, is the first Fairy-type Legendary Pokémon in the game. Although it was done a serious disservice in terms of its fast move pool, players were still keen to raid something new.

Completing the Global Challenge also awarded trainers with the chance to raid Pancham. The adorable little punchy panda was a great addition for players looking to catch Dark-type Pokémon and working towards their Rising Star badge. And did I mention it’s adorable?


As part of the event, the 7km egg pool was given a serious scramble. We saw the return of baby Pokémon and fan favorite, Gible. The best part? Equal hatch rates!  Yay! The 7km eggs featured only 6 Pokémon, so each one had around a 16% chance of hatching. Full disclosure of possible Pokémon and their hatch rates?  Thank you, Niantic! We love this.


The Luminous Legends X event was probably the best free event we’ve ever had in Pokémon GO. The spawns alone were top-notch, and having 3x catch XP for a week was phenomenal. 

This event scores an amazing 9.5/10 (woohoo!). The event only misses out on the perfect score as the new shiny (Galarian Ponyta) was not available in the wild, which is a big deal for many casual players. Moreover, the Legendary raid boss only served as a dex filler with no real meta relevance and no shiny available. Still, we’re being a bit nit-picky here. The event was fantastic and loved by most players. Well done, Niantic!

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