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Lugia/Ho-Oh Special Raid Wknd Infopedia

Well Trainers, the infamous Lugia and Ho-Oh are set to make another appearance in Tier 5 Raids this weekend. You read that correctly…Lugia and Ho-Oh.

You have to think, with the constant influx of new players, new gaming mechanics, and their shiny variants being available, this isn’t such a bad thing, right? Let’s check out the details of the weekend:

Basic Event Info

Friday, Dec. 20 1pm PST – Monday, Dec. 23 1pm PST
Lugia and Ho-Oh, along with Virizion, will be appearing more frequently in 5-Star Raids.
Lugia - normalLugia - shiny
G2G’s Lugia Raid Guide
Ho-Oh - normalHo-Oh - shiny
G2G’s Ho-Oh Raid Guide
VirizionVirizion will also be appearing in raids during this time and you can find our raid guide here.

Lugia/Ho-Oh Goals

With this weekend being sort of repetitive for most, we thought we’d encourage those not so excited Trainers with the following incentives so they could help others who might not have either of these Legendary Pokémon:

MOAR SHINY: Who doesn’t love a Shiny Legendary? Sure, you may have 10…but just think of the trades you can make for what you need.

RARE CANDY: Since the Rare Candy nerf was reversed, time to store and hoard! Rare Candy is becoming almost as important as that dust these days with specific Pokémon.

TIS THE SEASON: Tis the Season for giving and sharing! There are multitudes of Trainers who have yet to obtain these two Legendaries, let alone their shiny variants. Let’s spend time, and a few free raid passes to help these new friends out.

EX-RAIDS: Use this time to try and trigger Ex-Raids in your area. Not only is this a win-win for your new friends to possibly get a pass, but that just means more Regiggity for you! 

Raid Guide Infographics

Lugia/Ho-Oh YouTuber Content

Time to Flip Some Birds

Whether you are shiny searching, dex filling, new Legendary raiding, or rare candy harvesting, there is a little something for everyone if you look hard enough.

We hope everyone has a fabulous weekend Raiding and may all your Lugia and Ho-Oh be Shundos!

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