GO Beyond! Game-changing Events & Features

Let’s GO BEYOND! Are you ready for a HUGE update, PokéFam?! Pokémon GO has just announced an exciting new line-up of features and events that will be GAME-CHANGING! It’s time to GO Beyond the Pokémon GO we all know and love to challenge ourselves on a new adventure! Included in this update are:

  • 12 Days of Friendship Event
  • Seasons (new feature)
  • Generation VI (Kalos) Debut
  • GO Battle League Season 6
  • Level Cap Increase

Let’s explore, shall we?

Table of Contents

GO Beyond with 12 Days of Friendship section header

GO Beyond w/ Friends

What better way to start the GO Beyond update than with all of your friends? The 12 Days of Friendship Event starts NOW! Click “Read More” for additional details about the event!

Gyrados Section Header

GO Beyond w/ Seasons

The GO Beyond update continues with the announcement of a brand new feature in Pokémon GO. Seasons is a new feature that will rotate spawns based on the Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter seasons. Click “Read More” for additional details about the feature!

Kalos silhouette section header image

Go Beyond w/ Kalos

Who’s ready for Generation VI?!?!?! The GO Beyond update has also brought us the news that the next generation of Pokémon will be introduced to Pokémon GO on December 2nd! Click “Read More” for additional details about the release!

GO Beyond Level 40 Section Header

Go Beyond level 40

Ever since it was teased during GO Fest 2020, the level cap increase has been one of, if not the most, anticipated upcoming feature in Pokémon GO. The time has come, level 50 is coming! Click “Read More” for additional details about the level cap increase!

GO Beyond w/ Pokémon GO

Whew! That was a TON of information. What an exciting time to be a Pokémon GO Trainer! The game is being remade before our eyes and we are pumped about the direction it’s taking. What do you think PokéFam? What’s your favorite feature(s) or event(s) that was announced? Let us know either on Twitter or in our Discord Server

Remember, stay safe out there, and follow your local health and safety guidelines!

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