Discord - Pokémon GO Collaboration
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Discord – Pokémon GO Collab Hinted in Discord Alpha

Exciting news, Trainers! XDA Developers, a resource for developers, has shared that a potential collaboration between Discord and Pokémon GO is hinted in the latest Discord Alpha. This sure sounds very exciting, so let’s take closer look!

Please keep in mind, NONE of this information has been confirmed by Niantic, any and all events and Pokémon reported in this data mine can be changed and/or completely removed at any time. Take this with a grain of salt until an official announcement about them is made.


Hinted in the what? Discord Alpha? Chances are you never heard of this before, so let’s explain it in short before we move on!

The Discord Alpha is one of the testing programs Discord offers in order to get early access to new features. People who apply for this program, can test these features out and report potential bugs. The Alpha program is on Android, and thus can be data mined through an APK (like you see with Pokémon GO).

Discord/Pokémon GO Collab

In the latest version, Discord v16 Alpha 7, various code strings were found that suggest a collaboration between Discord and Niantic for Pokémon GO. The following strings were found in the APK:

<string name="invite_pokemon_go_announcements_label_long">Get latest announcements for Pokemon GO raids in Los Angeles!</string>
<string name="invite_pokemon_go_announcements_label_short">Get latest announcements</string>
<string name="invite_pokemon_go_friendship_label_long">Make new friends who are also passionate about Pokemon GO in your area!</string>
<string name="invite_pokemon_go_friendship_label_short">Make new friends</string>
<string name="invite_pokemon_go_strategy_label_long">Share tips and strategy so you can train the strongest Pokemon!</string>
<string name="invite_pokemon_go_strategy_label_short">Share tips and strategy</string>

As you can see in the first string, ‘Pokémon GO raids’ is mentioned. This could hint at the recent announcement Niantic made, which mentioned that remote Raids are coming to Pokémon GO soon as allowance for the current issues the COVID-19 crisis is creating in terms of gameplay. 

While none of this is confirmed by Niantic, it does makes sense after looking at the announcement. In it, Niantic stated the following:

Social: we’re enhancing our in-game virtual social features to enable players to stay in touch when they can’t meet in real life. You’ll soon be able to team up with friends and take on Raid Battles together in Pokémon GO from the comfort of home.

One of the ‘problems’ with Pokémon GO is the lack of an in-game communication feature. With the temporarily changes coming to the Raid system, the need for such a communication feature is bigger than ever.

Being the number 1 communication tool for gamers worldwide, Discord is the perfect solution to keep Pokémon GO Trainers in touch. Its VoIP (voice over internet protocol) features and use of nicknames and tags make it possible to communicate with Trainers all over the world, without having to share personal information!

Match Made in Gaming Heaven

After reading Niantic’s blogpost, I immediately thought about a potential in-game communication feature being in the makes. While this isn’t the same, it certainly is an excellent alternative, as well as an easier and quicker solution.

If or when we will see more about this is unsure, and we want to explicitly emphasize again that none of this information is confirmed by Niantic. It’s no crime to be excited though!

For now, stay tuned to Niantic’s official channels and G2G to learn more when the time comes! Stay safe and healthy, Trainers!

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