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Community Day Recap: Staff Opinions

Magikarp Day

Now that Magikarp Community Day has come and gone, we asked our wonderful staff for their opinions on the event. What did they like? What did they dislike? What improvements did they think could be made? Time to get our feet wet reviewing Flippy Floppy Community Day!

The opinions expressed in this article are the opinions of each individual staff member, and do not reflect the view of Gaming2gether Media as a whole. 



  • The spawns were insanely great, the shiny rates were pretty fabulous, and Stardust is always a winner.
  • I like the snapshots because there’s potential to edit out the pokémon and have some sort of wallpaper.
  • The majority of people I talked to had a better shiny rate from incense than wild, so that helped a bunch since some people are staying at home as much as possible.
  • Spawns were good,  shinies seem to have come more from incense, and the length of time, I thought, was great.
  • So I personally love the 6 hours and hope they stay as such. If you don’t want to play all 6 hours, don’t. My server has plenty of people who potentially work on the weekends, so it being 6 hours helps them out typically, as the longer CD usually means they now get to catch at least the starting or tailend hour.

The Bad

  • I completely forgot to take my snapshots. I was told that not being able to have your buddy bring you Poké Balls hurt several trainers.
  • I ran out of Poké Balls, and I only played maybe half the time. I was also not crazy excited about Magikarp or the move. I don’t fine Snapshots useful on CD. I like them for events where it is the special spawn for the week. The picture taking distracts from catching spawns, especially if you have incense going.
  • Balls were scarce, and no options to gain more while playing.
  • Because my buddy didn’t bring me gifts, and because I wasn’t super stocked up on Poké Balls like for Gastly, I actually had to go to our downtown to play, since that’s where all the stops are at. My point is if you’re going to call it “play from home” still, buddies need to be bringing bundles of balls, or the Ultra Box gift needs to be lots of Poké Balls, and not a small amount of Ultra Balls.

The Could Be Improved Upon

  • I would have recommended doing free Poké Balls rather than 30 Ultras for this particular CD due to the catch rate being low.
  • I would have taken 200 Poké Balls over 30 Ultra Balls. The shiny rates were nice, but I think people are starting to “expect” these rates which is detrimental. The 6 candy research was meh.
  • Having more Poké Balls rather than ultra would have helped much better.
  • Way more Poké Balls needed to be for sale. For someone who couldn’t get to a PokéStop, it was really frustrating.
  • The shiny is really cool, but I figured they would have introduced something new to Magikarp aside from a PVP. CD feels like it’s transitioning to a get your PVP special Poké instead of badass Pokés with badass moves.
  • CD is losing its identity because most people still don’t care about PvP or PvP moves in general. The fact that the last 5 CDs have been PvP movesets, it’s really wearing on many players. Also, I think people had come to expect badass 10k egg Pokémon (looking at it Gible and Deino) from CD, and it now appears that won’t be the case anytime soon.

Fish in a Barrel

As you can see, mixed reactions are aplenty when it comes to how Flippy Floppy day went. It had it’s good and bad, but we can only hope that Niantic reaches out to Trainers and gets some feedback for future events. These were but a few views of how our staff felt Community day went. Your experiences may vary from theirs, please feel free to let us know how your Community Day went in the comments!

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