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As the Poké Ball Turns

What a wild last few weeks it has been in the world of Pokémon GO. We thought this would be a good time to take a pause and look back at the 9 million things that happened in that very small time frame. Back again for your viewing pleasure, As the Poké Ball Turns.


The official Pokémon GO Blog posted release notes for game version 0.163.0. Here are some highlights from the post. You can also find the official blog post here.

  • Team GO Rocket battles will now remember the last used Battle party. This is saved for each Team GO Rocket Grunt type and each Team Go Rocket Leader.
  • Added new winter loading screen
  • The Super Rocket Radar is no longer a deletable item, and will not count toward Bag space
  • New ways to interact with Buddy Pokémon
  • Improved considerable lag when selecting a Battle Party before combat or through Pokémon storage party tab

December Event Schedule Released!

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Niantic announced a MASSIVE schedule of Events for December. Including the December Team GO Rocket Special Research, SIX separate Events we announced for the Month of December! You can find our write-up on the announcement here.

Combat Rebalance

A massive overhaul of the combat system was announced, sending the PvP world into turmoil. Among the updates were, a revamping of the combat system, updates to existing moves, new moves, certain Pokémon being able to learn new moves, and certain Pokémon being able to learn moves that were once legacy moves.

You can find our write-up on the official announcement here. Also, you can find our write-up on the move stats that changed here.

December 2019 Community Day

December Infopedia Website Header

December 2019 Community Day took place, allowing Trainers the chances for increased spawns of all the previous 2019 Community Day Pokémon, and the chance to Evolve ALL previous Community Day Pokémon with their Community Day Exclusive Moves. Everyone should now have that coveted Last Resort Umbreon! Here you can find our entire December 2019 Community Day Infopedia.

Catch & Battle Tournament

News broke of a new style tournament that will be featured at Tokyo eSports Festa 2020. Trainers who attend this eSports conference will be able to take part in a two-phase tournament. Phase one will consist of a time allotment where Trainers will catch, evolve, power-up, and TM the Pokémon they will then use to battle in Phase 2 of the tournament. You can find our full write-up of the announcement here.

Virizon Debuts in 5-star raids


The Grassland Pokemon, Virizion, made its debut in 5-Star raids across the world, taking the place of fellow Swords of Justice member, Terrakion. Along with Virizion’s debut, we got a massive Raid Boss shakeup, featuring Flying-type Pokemon to help counter the new Legend. Included in this shakeup were first-time Raid Bosses Staraptor and Pidgeot.

Virizion Raid Guide
Staraptor Raid Guide
Pidgeot Raid Guide

Buddy Adventure Arrives!

Buddy Adventure Launch Header

Niantic announced the long-awaited Buddy Adventure, and the released it upon the world shortly after. The Buddy Adventure feature adds a whole new way of interacting with your Pokémon GO Buddy. You can find our announcement article on the Buddy Adventure here and our Buddy Adventure Infopedia here.

As the Poké Ball Turns

What an exciting last few weeks it has been in the world of Pokémon GO. Seemingly every day, new information or events were announced and/or started. Remember way back when everyone was clamoring for new events and game features? Well, those days are a distant memory now! Be sure to stay tuned to G2G for more episodes of As the Poké Ball Turns!

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