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A Very Slow Discovery Event Review

The A Very Slow Discovery event, the first event of June was all about Slowpoke and its evolutions. The event debuted the Galarian forms of Slowpoke and Slowbro, as well as Mega Slowbro. Overall, the event really lived up to its name and felt like quite a chilled time in Pokémon GO. After all the events in May and with GO Fest just around the corner, we appreciated the slower pace.

Let’s take a nice, slow look at the event and what it had to offer. Easy does it, folks.


Slowpoke here, Slowpoke there, Slowpoke everywhere! The event really did not disappoint with the number of Slowpoke spawning in the wild. Slowbro were also fairly common, which was great for the stardust and candy bonuses. Battlers were also excited to see plenty of Slakoth and even Vigoroth spawning, which is a powerhouse in the Great League. Slakoth is also a bit of a meme for European trainers after the make-up Community Day during the Dortmund GO Fest in 2019.

The other spawns were a little lackluster. Spoink and Grimer have decent shinies, but Gulpin has no relevance in PvP or as a raid attacker, and its shiny is still not available in the game. However, it was helpful for trainers trying to evolve their Galarian Slowpoke into Slowbro (as you need to catch 30 Poison-type Pokémon while it’s your buddy).


The event didn’t feature any specific bonus, which was a missed opportunity. Niantic could have had a bit of fun with the slow theme such as making wild Pokémon less likely to attack or jump when catching them. They could have also increased the timers in Raids or in GBL, or the length of time that certain premium items lasted for, making for some more chilled-out experiences.

The event did feature new stickers and avatar items, which was cool. The t-shirts are adorable, and the new Slowpoke hat is hysterical.


The event featured a mini Collection Challenge featuring the different forms of Slowpoke and its two evolutions. To call it a ‘Collection Challenge’ was a bit of a stretch. Given the choice between a Collection Challenge or Timed Research, we would prefer Timed Research any day. The latter is usually more engaging and provides better rewards.
The research field tasks were pretty good – if you’re a fan of Slowpoke (and who isn’t?). There were 3 different tasks rewarding regular Slowpoke, all of which were free-to-play friendly. There were also 2 different tasks for Galarian Slowpoke, but these were quite a bit tougher – ‘Win a raid in under 60 seconds’ or ‘Evolve 3 Slowpoke’. We’re not a fan of tasks that encourage using raid passes, but it was nice for a different type of task. Galarian Slowpoke cannot be shiny (yet), so that meant that players only needed to get one or two for their collections.

We appreciated that the task ‘Evolve a psychic-type Pokémon’ awarded either Slowpoke or Shellder as a nod to the original lore of Slowpoke’s evolution. The task ‘Win a raid in under 10 minutes, had everyone scratching their heads, which was fun to see. We like it when Niantic shows their sense of humor every so often.


The Regis were back in raids for the event which was…OK? They’ve been back in raids a few times now, but it was a good opportunity for new/returning players to get the dex entry or add a new shiny to their collection. Registeel and Regirock also have some play in GBL.
Mega Slowbro debuted in raids, adding shiny Slowbro to the game. This was a good idea on Niantic’s part as Slowbro were also spawning in the wild, giving trainers the chance to shiny hunt Slowpoke and one of its evolutions at the same time.

The biggest grumble we had with the event was Snorlax. Snorlax is the king of slow. Its name is a combination of ‘snore’ and ‘relax’. Right? So why wasn’t Snorlax a boosted wild spawn for the event? Yes, it is already spawning as part of the Season of Discovery, but it is extremely rare. The event was only 5 days long, so it wouldn’t have broken the game if Snorlax had been a bit more common during that time. Instead, Snorlax was only featured in 3* raids. Even more problematic was the fact that it didn’t have a boosted shiny rate, or a guaranteed XL candy drop. Boo!


This event didn’t really feature any new changes to the egg pool, which was not a bad thing. Most players seem to be enjoying the extended break from events that feature hatching eggs. Eggs should be fun additional content that players can hatch or ignore as they see fit. By contrast, egg-focused events are too expensive and create FOMO, so we’re glad to see that Pokémon GO has eased off on the egg-exclusive content for the time being.


The Very Slow Discovery event was a nice palate-cleanser after the longer, more intense events in May. We prefer longer events as they are less likely to create FOMO, but an event featuring Slowpoke probably didn’t need to be longer than 5 days.

Overall, the event scores a good 6/10. It was by no means a bad event. We received a new Galarian form and a new Mega Pokémon. However, the lack of event bonuses and average spawn pool means it cannot score much higher than average. If Snorlax had been boosted in the wild, the event may have scored just a little bit higher…

What did you think of the event? Did you do many Snorlax raids? Did you get any new shinies? Let us know in the comments, in our Discord server, or on Twitter!

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