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A Genesect-themed Wknd Infopedia

Time to break out the cans of Raid Trainers! We’re about to be infested!

This weekend, you can expect a swarm of Pokémon related to the Genesect story as well as a new shiny release, 2x catch/hatch stardust, and the Special Research Story: A Drive to Investigate! Let’s crawl into the details!

Fri., Mar. 20, 2020, @ 8:00am
Mon., Mar. 23, 2020, @ 10:00pm (local time)
WILD: Normal-, Fire-, Water-, Electric-, and Ice-type Pokémon appearing more frequently in the wild.
Examples: NincadaJigglypuff, Magnemite, Marill, Houndour, and Snorunt
EGGS: NincadaKarrablast, and Shelmet will be hatching more often from 5 km Eggs.
SHINY: Nincada Family
RAIDS: One-star to four-star Raid Battles will feature various Bug- or Steel-type Pokémon.
Cobalion with the Charged Attack Sacred Sword will be appearing in five-star raids. If you’re lucky, you might encounter a Shiny one!
2x Catch Stardust
2x Hatch Stardust


Genesect-themed Weekend Event

Get ready for a weekend full of normal, fire, water, ice, and electricity! The following Pokémon are likely to spawn more frequently in the wild:


New Shiny Pokémon

Some new Shiny Pokémon are making their way to Pokémon GO, both in the wild and 5km Eggs! Let’s take a look!

Shiny Nincada Family​
Nincada Shiny SpriteNinjask Shiny Family
Nincada Ninjask

2x Stardust!

EVEN MORE STARDUST! This event is providing Trainers the chance to earn 2x Catch/Hatch Stardust, so here are our handy dandy tables!

Catches2x Catch StardustW/Star Piece
Base Evolution200 (250*)300 (375*)
Second Evolution600 (750*)900 (1,125*)
Third Evolution1000 (1,250*)1,500 (1,875*)
Daily Catch Bonus1,2001,800
7-Day Catch Bonus6,0009,000
* With Weather Boost
Egg-type2x Hatch Stardust RangeW/Star Piece
2km Egg800 – 1,6001,200 – 2,400
5km Egg1,600 – 3,2002,400 – 4,800
7km Egg1,600 – 3,2002,400 – 4,800
10km Egg3,200 – 6,8004,800 – 10,200


Tier 4
Tier 3
Tier 2
Tier 1

Reminder: all eggs are currently 1/2 distance making the requirement to hatch the 5km Eggs, 2.5km

5km Eggs
Nincada Official ArtKarrablast Official ArtShelmet Official Art

A Drive to Investigate

All information for those who have tickets for A Drive to Investigate including:

  • Field Research Tasks/Rewards
  • Special Research Tasks/Rewards

Can be found in our A Drive to Investigate Infopedia!

Genesect-Themed Infographics

Buggie Closing

Dare we say, things are gonna get particularly buggy over the next few days. (even more than usual) HAHA! JK!

Please remember to stay safe, have fun, and enjoy you Genesect-themed Weekend Event! Share with us on Twitter or in our Discord!

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