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A Drive to Investigate Ticket Analysis

Genesect, the Paleozoic Pokémon, is arriving in Pokémon GO! Before it will be available through EX Raids, you’ll be able to encounter it early via a ticketed Special Research story – A Drive to Investigate. A ticket costs you $7.99 (or the equivalent in your local currency).

Still contemplating to buy a ticket, but not sure whether it’s worth it? In this cost analysis, we will break down the value of the ticket, and compare it to previous events. Hopefully, you’re mind will be made up after reading this! 

Note that the fact whether it’s worth it or not is subjective, and highly depends on how you value certain aspects and items in the game. This analysis is based on numbers and my personal opinion.

Reward Breakdown

In order to determine whether the ticket is worth it, we need to break down the rewards you’ll receive for completing the Special Research story. To create a clear view, we will sort all rewards into 3 categories: 

  • Purchasable Item Rewards – Items from the in-game Shop
  • Free Item Rewards – Items received through gameplay
  • Additional Rewards

The table below shows all rewards in their respective categories.

Note: for items like Incense and Star Pieces, we use the bulk price, rounded to 60 PokéCoins.

Purchasable Item Rewards
These are items you can buy via the in-game Shop.
Premium Raid Pass - Ticket AnalysisSuper Incubator - Ticket AnalysisGlacial Lure Module - Ticket Analysis
Star Piece Bundle - Ticket AnalysisPoffin - Ticket AnalysisIncense Bundle - Ticket Analysis
Genesect Backpack  Genesect Cap
PokéCoin250* PokéCoin150*
*This is an estimation based on Avatar Items available in the in-game Style Shop
Free Item Rewards
These are items you can receive through gameplay, i.e. raids.
Charged TM - Ticket AnalysisFast TM - Ticket Analysis Rare Candy - Ticket Analysis
Additional Rewards
Other rewards that include a medal and various Pokémon encounters.
Ticketed Special Research MedalDurant Normal Sprite - Ticket Analysis Genesect Normal Sprite - No Drive - Ticket Analysis
Durant EncounterPokémon Encounters


To keep the analysis as universal as possible, we will use PokéCoins as the currency to break down the value of the ticket. Therefore, we conversed the ticket price to the PokéCoins currency using the following rule:

 $7.99 = ±850 PokéCoins


[(100PC = $0.99)x3 + (550PC = $4.99)x1]

If we look at the reward list above, we see that they have a total value of 2280 PokéCoins. To see how that weighs up to the ticket costs, we use the following simple formula with TRV = total reward value and TP = ticket price:

TRV: 2,160PC / TP: 850PC



Important Note: this conversion and analysis is based on the US dollar, the GB pound, and the euro. The analysis will create a fairly universal idea, but there are exceptions. You can fill out the formula with your local currency to get a more clear view.

As you can see, the purchasable rewards you get for completing ‘A Drive to Investigate’ are worth 2.54x MORE than the PokéCoin equivalent of what you have to pay for the ticket. On top of that, you get other rewards like TM’s and Rare Candy ‘for free’, as well as Pokémon encounters and an exclusive Medal. With the Premium Battle Passes, you can do raids or participate in the GO Battle League. That way, you can get even more rewards! 

But now, the question why you are here reading this analysis: Is the ticket to A Drive to Investigate worth its price tag? 

The answer is YES, it’s worth it to buy a ticket for A Drive to Investigate Special Research. You get a lot of awesome rewards, including rewards for which you would pay a lot more when buying them in the in-game Shop. Apart from all the rewards, you also get a fun gameplay experience and an early-on encounter with Genesect.

For all you #battlers and #GirlsThatPvP out there, it might be worth noting that this is your only chance to obtain a Great League eligible Genesect! It doesn’t look super interesting at the moment, but you never know what will come! 


A Drive to Investigate is the second event of its kind, with ‘A Colossal Discovery’ being the first back in November. The ticket price back then was the same, so how does ADTI compare to ACD in terms of ticket value? Below, you can find a brief comparison.

Purchasable Item Rewards
These are items you can buy via the in-game Shop.
Raid Pass* A Colossal Discovery poseA Colossal Discovery pose female
x10 x1
PokéCoin1000 PokéCoin500**
*These raid passes couldn’t be used outside the event window. We included them here to make the analysis more representative. 
**This is an event exclusive pose. The price is based on other avatar poses available in the in-game Style Shop. 
Free Item Rewards
These are items you can receive through gameplay, i.e. raids and other.
Great Ball - Ticket AnalysisGolden Razz Berry - Ticket Analysis Sinnoh Stone - Ticket Analysis
 Unova Stone - Ticket Analysis 
Additional Rewards
Other rewards that include a medal and various Pokémon encounters.
A Colossal Discovery Medal  Regigigas Normal Sprite
Medal Pokémon Encounters

If we apply the same formula as used earlier. We get the following:

TRV: 1,500PC/TP: 850PC



As you can see, the value of the rewards is only 1.76x the price of the ticket. This is close to 40% of the value the ticket for A Drive to Investigate provides! This is a very notable upgrade, and shows why we think this ticket is worth its money!


It’s clear that Niantic learned from the past, as they stepped up their game drastically! We’re happy to see this, as players were skeptical about the first ticketed research event. Let’s hope this encourages more people to partake, but remember this is your own choice, and we don’t want to force people to buy a ticket in any way!

Again, remember that this analysis is based on numbers, but also on a personal and subjective opinion. Whether you should buy the ticket or not, is totally up to you!

Learn more about the special research event in our ‘A Drive to Investigate Infopedia’. Enjoy Trainers!

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