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The Interview – The Lightning Round

G2G: What is your in-game Trainer name, level and favorite Pokémon? Why is that your favorite? What is your 9-5, and what do you like to do outside of work and PoGo? The Trainer ClubMy in game trainer name is “BillyLutz”. When signing up I took the Pokémon name, not as a gamertag but as meant to be our actual name since in the anime they all go by their names, so figured it would suit this game. I didn’t start playing Pokémon GO with the intention of having a YouTube Channel, it just evolved. I’ve played with changing my name to match my channel but haven’t yet – maybe one day.  My favorite Pokémon… that’s hard because there are so many good ones. I’ve seen so many new Generations as I was only familiar with Generation 1 from my childhood playing. I have gained a lot of new favorites but if I had to pick just one I’d choose Raikou. I love big cats: lions, tigers, and others; so that would be the one. Followed closely by Lapras because I love the look of Lapras and Ice moves are my favorite in the game. My 9-5 is my channel, I’ve been fortunate enough to find a way to put out enough content with consistent value to be able to use this as my main means of living.  Outside of Pokémon GO, I have my masters in human nutrition and functional medicine and I have my personal training certification. I enjoy eating healthy and cooking healthy variants of what people typically think of as food that is bad for us…. Like cake, who said you shouldn’t eat cake for breakfast.. you shouldn’t if its made with unhealthy ingredients, but if it’s made with healthy ingredients, why not? Also, I was a pretty good competitive and sponsored skateboarder and I love to be active, so I still skateboard relatively frequently, I play soccer on occasion and surf. G2G: What got you into Pokémon/Pokémon GO? Were you into Pokémon before GO was released? The Trainer Club: I played Pokémon Red and Blue as well as Gen 1 Cards when I was younger. I remember always playing Pokémon Red and Blue on the GameBoy back in the day walking to elementary school. Super fun times. I was really obsessed with pokemon and as far as the cards go, getting the Holographic cards was a must. As for Pokémon GO, I use to produce clothing for Smite Game, so I was fortunate enough to meet some of the Smosh influencers: Mari, Flitz and others. I followed Mari and Flitz on social media and when Pokémon GO first came out I remember seeing both of their posts of the AR Pokémon shots in their rooms. I just thought it was an app that you could take photos of Pokémon in any place you want and then post online. I was like – “oh thats cute.” Never thought twice to look more into it, until my friend Brad was like, “dude have you started playing Pokémon GO”… I was like, “what, that AR picture app thingy is an actual game?” At first I was like no way I’m going to play that because I have an obsessive personality so I knew I would get super engulfed in the game. But my girlfriend at the time, Melea, was like “sure I’ll try it”. So she downloaded it and I saw her trying to play it and was like, “Can I help you throw the ball?” After that it was all history. I, undoubtedly, became super obsessed as I thought I would. I would be going to parks and on mountain hikes all the time in specific Kennesaw Mountain in Georgia because it was a massive mega nest, great scenic place to hunt and you could catch unlimited Bulbasaur for the longest time. It was epic. G2G: What do you like the most about Pokémon in general? What’s your favorite feature in PoGO? Is there a feature in another Pokémon game you would like to see implemented into GO? The Trainer ClubI have two favorite features: Firstly, I love raids. It’s so much fun for me to raid and one of the main reasons I started making YouTube videos to help people with. It’s great to organize with people to collectively play towards a goal. And then obviously catching the raid bosses is a blast and challenge. Working on fine tuning your playing skills is always fun by being as consistent as possible. Second, Lucky Friends are Super Awesome! I love how we can guarantee Lucky Trades that can take the mostly poor quality IV Shiny Pokémon and trade them better quality ones and power them up with half the total stardust. What a genius feature. There are definitely a few things [I’d love to see] implemented into the game. Principally, an in-game tracking system to be able to find Rare Pokémon or at least know they are somewhat in your vicinity. If you are close, you should be able to be notified. A few quality of life updates would be nice. The first, being able to sift through the friends list to be able to see who hasn’t received gifts today and then being able to mass send gifts similar to how we transfer Pokémon in masses. Plus adding in trading or sending items to friends would be awesome. My favorite potential feature would be if we could level up our IV’s from battling gyms. Even if it was getting to choose 1 IV level up after 500 battles. Although very tedious, I think it would totally be worth it. Meaning we’d have to really earn it and the Pokémon would earn the choice to level up 1 IV from battling it in gyms and raids over 500 times. And cap the max at +3 total point IV rank ups at 1500 battles so you can’t take a 10/10/10 to a 100% but you could get a 93% to a 100 % based on time, fighting and bond spend with that Pokémon. G2G Note: This sounds like the Bottle Cap in the Main Games. The Trainer Club Logo G2G: What made you start creating Pokémon GO focused videos? The Trainer Club: I honestly had no intention for the first year and a half and I didn’t even know people made Pokémon GO videos. It wasn’t until about a year and a half in and then my friend Kelvin mentioned Mystic 7 and my other friend Alex mentioned Trainer Tips. I got curious and looked them up. This was about the same time that I was getting really good at catching raid bosses and had a following building up locally in Smyrna, GA. Every time someone would get a 100% IV they would ask me to catch it, which on almost all occasions I would do successfully. Because of that, my girlfriend, Melea, encouraged me to make videos about the game since I was good and enjoyed playing it – thats when the Trainer Club was born. I wanted to have a place where trainers could come and learn about maximizing all areas of the game and not be an only VLOG specific channel. I was super hardcore at the time and we really worked to maximize our game play so I have a lot more hardcore insight than the random player, so it works well to help people think differently about Pokémon GO. As for how my channel name came about, I was brain storming about where trainers go to learn how to play and battle and it was the gyms. So it would make sense for me to call my channel the Trainer Club. Which I then found a cool looking Pokémon Gym and had it rendered and simplified into a logo and now we are here talking. Obviously, leaving out all of the consistent hard work, which is a major key to growing a channel. G2G: What keeps you driven – in and out of PoGO? What are your future goals with your content? Do you have other plans apart from PoGO? The Trainer ClubDriven… Love this question. It’s really to just keep leveling myself up to be a constant better version of myself. To be better in my relationships, my content, my connection, my health, my contribution, etc. It’s all about getting better, learning, growing and being a better person.  My future goals with content is to just keep getting better. Become a better VLOG-er for the once a week VLOGs that I do and when I travel to different places. It is a lot of fun to VLOG and to show people different places tied in with Pokémon GO… Like being in Japan, I would love to watch people play in an insane Pokémon GO location like Japan, which is what I tried my best to portray in my Japan GO Fest VLOGs. Besides PoGO, I’d love to become a skateboard announcer as well. I love to be on camera and speak and with my skateboard knowledge that would be something super fun for me to do. Also I plan to start learning how to make music. I’m a Big Fan of EDM and would really like to artistically express myself through music. Billy Lutz - The Trainer Club G2G: Is there anything else you want to share? Feel free to share anything you want! The Trainer ClubYes 2 things… One, I would encourage everyone who is thinking about doing a channel or wants to to just start. It’s all about just starting; however, once you start you MUST be consistent. People depend upon you for entertainment or info or whatever your specialty is. So having a channel that is inconsistent not only won’t grow, it’ll put distrust in your current followers. Be as consistent as you possibly can, make all of your goals a MUST. At first it will be hard, you will question if it’s worth it after the initial first week debut hype fizzles out, but it will be if you stay consistent, learn how to grow and adapt as you see your abilities fit. You can do it. Second thing I want to share is a story about traveling for Pokémon GO. I am insanely curious as to where my channel would be if I started back when we did this… So my friend, Brad and I literally went old school Pokémon on Pokémon gO and drove to Miami from Atlanta. At this time in the early stages of the game, Lapras was super super rare and we knew it was spawning in South Beach, Miami a few times per day. We were so stoked on Lapras because it was such a beast at the time and rare. We were determined to get a few Lapras so we decided this trip was a must.  It was a 9 hour car drive. We got there, parked our car in a garage and rented bikes for 3 days. We would wake up, take our dogs out at 7 am and then hit the streets with our bikes and hunt down Pokémon all day. It was honestly one of the craziest and most fun Pokémon GO adventures. We literally got there and a Charizard spawned down the street. Super Super rare at the time. So we got on our bikes and rode and got it. Mine was super easy to catch and I caught it in 2 balls. Brad’s on the other hand, was a super pissed off flying Fire breathing dragon. Brad’s literally ate 70+ balls before running. During this impossible to catch Charizard, we were biking to a newly spawned Lapras on the beach front. Right as we pull up Brad’s Charizard runs and we got our first Lapras of Miami at 10 pm.  The next day there was a hugely epic moment of sprinting on bikes completely across from one side of South beach to the other in a complete sprint. We started the morning by biking 18 blocks to get a Lapras. As soon as we caught it, another spawned 18 blocks in the opposite direction with a short timer. I took off, full sprint on a bike for 18 blocks, Brad stayed behind. That was no joke of a sprint and it was HOT. I caught it for both of us and my phone died instantly after. Luckily he was casually biking to meet me so we could go back to our place because we had no way of contacting each other with my phone dying. What a trip! That would have been probably the most epic VLOG of all time.

Don’t GO Far

As a personal friend of The Trainer Club, before either of us were Level 30, let alone creating content – I can say he is a great guy plus extremely helpful and motivational. He has alway been big on setting up Raid Groups and is always down to instruct or ‘help’ anyone in catching the Raid Boss.  If you’re ever in need of assistance when catching a Raid Boss, The Trainer Club’s YouTube has videos on how to ensure Excellent Throws on each Boss. Also be sure to follow him on Instagram and Twitter to keep on all his Tips and Tricks! In the words of Billy himselfWelcome to the Trainer Club, HERE WE GO!

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Mega day at #pokemongosafarizone #safarizone #liverpool I don’t know how @thetrainerclubb finds the time to play so hardcore, when he is meeting others, chatting, accepting selfies, filming etc! The #pokemongo community is in good hands with @thetrainerclubb at the fore 👊😃👏

We had an absolute blast today and huge thank you to @JT_Valor and @thetrainerclubb they made my son’s day all the more special! #PokemonGOSafariZone

*LIVERPOOL* Safari Zone Meet Up ❗️

Location : Sefton Park
📍 Eros Fountain
Liverpool, UK

Time: 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Date: Friday - Sunday, October 15-17
*I will be here Every Day of the Event

Come meet & greet & play! See everyone there!

#liverpool #uk #pokemongo #safarizone

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