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G2G: First, can you tell me your in-game Trainer name, level, and your favorite Pokémon? Is there a reason it is your favorite? Also, what do you do in your daily life?

RYZN: iamryzn, lvl40, Charizard is my favorite along with Kingler. Charmander was the first Pokemon I ever had. The Charmander episode is every emotion in the anime, and it really made me fall in love with Charmander. I love Kingler and Krabby’s design. They also had a great moment in the anime that always drew me to it.

In real life, I am a User Experience Designer. Basically, I try to understand the user of products and what they really want and need then design those products to fit the user’s needs. I work with mostly digital solutions like websites and mobile applications.

G2G: What got you into Pokémon/Pokémon GO? Were you into Pokémon before GO was released? What do you like the most about Pokémon in general? Do you have a favorite feature in PoGO?

RYZN: My 2 best friends are Japanese, and they new about Pokemon before it was in America. They would give me cards of the Pokemon, and I feel in love the designs right away. Once the anime came on, I would make up at 6:30 each morning to watch it and make sure never to miss an episode. When Red and Blue came out me, my brother and I each got one and couldn’t put it down. Fast forward to the week before Go was released I hadn’t played a main series game since gold and silver. So I was so amped to be able to play again and experience the game closer to how I imagined it when I started playing it all those years ago.

My favorite feature in Go is that Pokemon are in different physical locations all around the world. I had never experienced a game like that before and still haven’t found one that does what Go does as well as Go does it.

G2G: What made you start uploading Pokémon GO focused content? Was it just something you wanted to do, or is there more to it?

RYZN: I have been creating content for 6+ years. Before Go came out, I was trying to focus brand and figure out what my brand would really be. I was spending a lot of my time playing Go, so it started to make sense that other people would enjoy this content as much as I do. I created a new exclusively pokemon account and ran with it.

G2G: You play a lot of games (Pokémon Sword, Pokémon Masters, Pokémon GO, and Wizards Unite, to name a few) What would you consider to be your all-time favorite Game?

RYZN: Wow, my all-time favorite game… I think I have to give credit to Pokemon Go for that. It got me back into Pokemon; it helped me have a clear brand for content creation. It helped me grow a community and meet so many amazing people like you all! Also, if we’re just talking about pure hours and time sunk into a game, there is no way that I’ve played any game more than Pokemon go. I log into Pokemon go every day just about and play.

G2G: Is there anything else you want to share? Hidden talents? Thoughts about the current state of the game? Price of tea in China? Can the beard do tricks?

RYZN: My hidden talent is bringing joy and happiness to gamers and people in general through my smiles and beard.


What can we say about Ryzn besides, he is just a really awesome dude. We have had the pleasure of getting to know him over the last few months and to be behind the scenes to watch him, and countless others help organize the Battle Tower event in St. Louis. How much he cares about the community cannot truly be expressed in words, so, if you are going to be at Safari Zone: St. Louis or the Battle Tower event there, make sure you give this man a giant thank you if you happen to see him. Subscribe to Ryzn’s YouTube channel below, and be sure to give him a follow on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok as well!


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