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Podgy Panda – Creator Bio


Podgy Panda


TEAM: Instinct


Graphic Artist / Coloring Sheet Super Star


G2G: First, what can you tell us about the name? Why PodgyPanda?

PodgyPanda: PodgyPanda has always been my art name since I graduated animation school in 2005. I guess it stems from a love of drawing really chonky, big headed podgy pandas.

G2G: What is your in game name (or is it PodgyPanda too?), level, team, and your favorite Pokémon? Is there a reason it is your favorite? If the name is different – what is the history behind this one? Why did you choose the team you did?

PodgyPanda: PodgyPanda is my in-game name. Lvl 40, Team Instinct! My favorite Pokémon is Charizard! I started my Pokémon journey with Pokémon Red and Charizard has always been my favorite.

G2G: What do you do in your daily life?

PodgyPanda: I’m a freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator.

G2G: What got you into Pokémon/Pokémon GO? Were you into Pokémon before GO was released? What do you like the most about Pokémon in general? Do you have a favorite feature in PoGO?

PodgyPanda: I played a lot of Pokémon Red and Yellow as a kid, and use to watch the anime. I started Pokémon GO on release day, and had been playing on and off until I hit 40. Now I mainly PvP (shout out to the #Battlers and #GirlsthatPVP!) and love the PvP communities I’m involved with.

G2G: What inspired you to create your art? Was it just something you wanted to do, or is there more to it?

PodgyPanda: I’ve always wanted to be a cartoonist growing up. I read a lot of Calvin & Hobbes and watched a lot of after school and Saturday morning cartoons. A lot of the inspiration I draw from is either nostalgia or the playfulness of youth.

G2G: How do you come up with these amazing ideas/what is your creation process? What inspires your art?

PodgyPanda: Once I visualize an idea in my head, I quickly sketch it out. These days I tend to work digitally (procreate + Ipad Pro) which speeds up the sketching process but I used to doodle heaps in sketchbooks. Once I’m happy with the sketch, I’ll ink it digitally before figuring out the colors. Procreate is a great app that screen records your process, which I normally post on my social channels.


Get ready to feel the THUNDER! Wait no, wrong panda! While he might have any amazingly awesome Kung Fu skills, this Panda is no less of a star. Podgy Panda is an IMMENSELY talented graphic artist and illustrator. We are privileged to have him as a member of the G2G Family of Creators, and can’t wait to see his next coloring sheet. Check out Podgy Panda’s official website here, and be sure to give him a follow on Instagram, Twitter, and Twitch as well!

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Gosh thanks everyone who came and hung out during last nights 2 year @Twitch_ANZ anniversary stream! Appreciate all the subs, bits and raids so much!

We were able to draw 3 blue pencil drawings (no idea how I managed 6 last year) & heres how they turned out & who won them! 👇

🤩 It's time! 2nd year @twitch anniversary stream NOW live! 🤩

✏️ Live Art! Chat picks & votes what Pokémon we draw
🥳 Giveaways! Giving away those sketches!
👀 Opening TCG packs!

Come hang!
🐼 http://twitch.tv/podgypanda

🤩 2nd year @twitch anniversary stream THIS Thursday! 🤩

- Live Art! Chat picks & votes what we draw
- Giveaways! Giving away the original pencil sketches!
- TCG! (finally) opening up my Pokemon Ultra Premium Collection 🤓

Thurs 19th May ~8pm NZT
🐼 http://twitch.tv/podgypanda

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