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KitsuneKurisu – Creator Bio

Kitsune Kurisu Trainer Profile


Super Nerd Chris

TEAM: Instinct


Animated Infographics Pioneer

KitsuneKurisu – The Lightning Round

G2G: First, can you tell me your in-game Trainer name, level and your favorite Pokémon please? Is there a reason it’s your favorite?

Trainer name: KitsuneKurisu
Level: 40 (since October 2017)
Team: Instinct (Mystic until May 2019. Sorry Articuno. I still love you.) Favourite Pokémon: Vulpix and Ninetales. Please don’t ask me to pick between them.

I’m English, but my Trainer name is Japanese. Kitsune means fox, and Kurisu is a transliteration of Chris: my real name.

Foxes have been my favourite animals for as long as I can remember. Vulpix and Ninetales are my favourite Pokémon, because they’re the original Fox Pokémon. Vulpix has the cuteness, and Ninetales has the elegance. The later fox Pokémon like Zorua and Fennekin would probably make it into my top-50 favourites, but the six- and nine-tailed originals would take something spectacular to beat.

G2G: What got you into Pokémon/Pokémon GO? Were you into Pokémon before GO was released?

What do you like the most about Pokémon in general and what is your favorite feature in PoGO?

Kitsune: I’ve been a Pokémon fan since the beginning. My introduction, as for many, was at the height of hype in the late 90s with Pokémon Red and Blue. I did have a hiatus between Gold and HeartGold, where my late teenage years tricked me into thinking I had outgrown the franchise. Oh, was I wrong about that. I’m now in my early 30s and adore it, possibly more now than ever. 😂

 The franchise drew me in with two factors, really. I love animals and the natural world, and Pokémon provides a fascinating alternate version of this: where you can build relationships with any and all of the creatures with whom you share the world. Secondly, Pokémon is secretly a game about maths. Everything is a probability or a formula, which provides a deceptive amount of depth and strategy behind the cute exterior.

I was drawn to Pokémon GO by the astonishing teaser trailer of 2015. While I feel that trailer grossly oversold what GO would actually play like, the reality was still a compelling new experience. Going outside? Walking? To play a video game? I still find it amazing that Niantic and The Pokémon Company tricked me into enjoying exercise. 😂

I’m not sure I have one particular favourite part of the game; I find a reason to get hyped about almost all of it. Just bumbling around catching things: great. Raid trains: great. AR photos. Trainer Battles. Trading sessions. All great. Love it all.

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G2G: What are your future goals for your graphics? We’ve seen how you evolved into animated versions of them (which is absolutely amazing) but is there more to come? What keeps you driven?

Kitsune: Thank you very much!

I was frequently seeing the same questions posted on the static graphics, and felt like I could help answer those questions without cluttering the visuals, by attaching a narrated explanation to them. The transition to an animated format was then to provide visual engagement to go along with the spoken context, while steering clear of a more vlog-style approach that doesn’t really suit my personality. I get to stay a little behind-the-scenes this way.

As for future plans, I would like to create content with a bit more longevity. I started making static infographics for raid advice, expanded to Community Day cheat sheets, and have just evolved the format from there. This content is very disposable, though. Once the raid event or Community Day has passed, no one needs it anymore. Each video can take days to create, in both research and production, and I’d like that investment of time to be poured into some things with a longer shelf-life. Some things that aren’t necessarily 2-3 minutes long and designed to be watched on the go. I have a few ideas, but we’ll see when they may make it out of my head. :joy: 

G2G: What made you start on Pokémon GO focused graphics? Was it just something you wanted to do, or is there more to it?

Kitsune: I’ve been a graphic designer professionally for over a decade now. I chose to dip into the Pokémon GO graphics as an excuse to make things I care about, free of the pressure and limitations of a commercial environment. Designing for fun rather than food and shelter.

G2G: Is there anything else you want to share? Perhaps a hidden talent? Anything really?

More than anything, I’d just like to share a big thank you to everyone who’s chosen to follow me, my graphics, and my Pokémon journey on Twitter, Instagram, and now YouTube. It’s a small following compared to the big guns, but I’m grateful for each and every person and their support, positivity, and encouragement. ✌️

Well That was Foxing Amazing

If you’ve ever seen KitsuneKurisu’s graphics…and you must have been living under a Golem if not, then you know how crazy talented this Creator is and how incredibly lucky G2G is to have him apart of our Fam!

Don’t forget to hop on over to YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter  Give our foxy friend a follow. Gah, I love some alliteration! Sorry…back on topic…Trust me, you won’t be sorry!

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Anyone know how people are dodging GBL battles without it registering as a loss? I’ve just had two people start with a lost lead, and it come up “Sorry, Error 6 occurred” and go back to the Battle screen.

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