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THE INTERVIEW - Kieng of the North

G2G: Can you tell me your in-game Trainer name, level, and your favorite Pokémon, please? Is there a reason it’s your favorite? Also, what do you do in your daily life (besides making awesome YouTube content)?

Kieng: Kiengiv, TL40, and Ho-oh. Ho-oh is my favorite Pokémon since it represents a Pokémon that brings life back to the community, and I feel like that is something I aspire to do as well.

I work as an independent consultant and lecture at a university, so my day is filled usually with playing Pokémon GO, making videos, and/or working on one of my two jobs.

G2G: Can you tell us more about your experience being an educator IRL and within the Pokémon GO Community?

Kieng: I have worked as a lecturer for the past six years, but I have been a life long teacher. I take a similar approach when it comes to Pokémon GO. I am always happy to share my knowledge to help the community grow and improve their gameplay.

G2G: What got you into Pokémon/Pokémon GO? Were you into Pokémon before GO was released? What do you like the most about Pokémon in general? Do you have a favorite feature in PoGO?

Kieng: I played and watched Pokémon when I was younger (late 1990’s and early 2000’s), but I fell off the franchise till Pokémon GO came out. I started to play since I saw my students play it during their break, and I thought it was interesting.

What I love most about Pokémon, in general, is the really great and positive community. My favorite feature in PoGO is definitely Trainer Battles, aka PvP.

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G2G: What inspired you to create a Pokémon GO PvP focused YouTube channel? Was it simply something that happened naturally without too much planning, or did you have a strong vision for what you wanted to achieve?

Kieng: I won an early tournament, and people started to ask me a lot of questions regarding PvP, so I decided that uploading content would be the best way to help people get better.

G2G: What keeps you driven? What are your future goals? Do you see yourself becoming as heavily involved with the upcoming GO Battle League as you are now with the current Silph League?

Kieng: I am very focused on getting Pokémon GO PvP into an Esport. We will see how the GO Battle League is structured, but if it is good, then certainly, I will be heavily involved.

G2G: After winning the first-ever Pokémon GO PvP tournament at the World Championships in DC, has life changed for you at all? If so, in what way?

Kieng: Life has changed a bit but mostly focused on building and growing this community.

G2G: What’s the biggest piece of advice you could give to someone starting out as a PvP Battler? What’s the most useful piece of PvP advice you’ve ever received and who gave it to you?

Kieng: Learn from others. There are so many great resources out there (e.g., silph.gg, pvpoke.com, GoStadium) and so many great content creators that you can learn from.

G2G: Is there anything else you want to share or anyone you want to give a shout out to?

Kieng: I love this community, and I am very optimistic about the future!

Big Wins. Even Bigger Heart.

Kieng has clearly had some huge success in the PvP realm but now, if you didn’t already know, his heart for the game and the Community is just as big!

We can’t even begin to thank him enough for his time with us but for also everything he’s done for PoGO! Thank you so much!! 

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Twitter Feed

Looking back at the top 8 for NAIC. Half of them played in Indy (3 were top 8 in Indy). I was very fortunate to get them while they were still new to the in-person tournaments and battling on stream. I will likely not be so lucky in the World's but looking forward to it!

Please join myself and many other wonderful members of the GO PvP community in a charity tournament and stream benefitting Planned Parenthood 💜
This Sunday, July 3rd, at 6PM UTC.
Donations appreciated at https://donate.tiltify.com/@nhoff/we-wont-stop-battle-for-roe
DM me if you are interested in competing!

Next trip for me will be GO Fest Seattle. Anyone organizing a tournament or want to help organize a tournament there?


I wanted to give a quick s/o to @GoddessNHoff! NHoff asked a few times if I needed any help. As someone who spends most of their life helping others, it was meaningful to me that someone wanted to help me. So thank you!

I went a bit off my normal eating habits to show @NexusIllya and @LeandroooPvP around Toronto and Montreal. As well being staff at NAIC. But managed to offset a bit with the excessive walking I did.

Still making progress on my health goals but back to eating healthy!

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