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G2G: Do you play PoGO? What do you enjoy most about it?

JIBS: Do we play PoGO? Out of the three of us, we’d have to say that BoonSlevin/Jimmy is the most dedicated thanks to a recently found interest for PvP. Incien/Jason and Solaril/Kenny meet what we believe to be the minimum requirements (i.e., spinning one Stop, catching one Pokémon, and completing one Task).

None of us have that Shiny luck we hear so much about, but luckily we have a terrific group of friends helping us with that, affecting greatly our very thin storage of Stardust (because we trade for those Shinies, in case that wasn’t clear).

Speaking of friends, we would have to say that the friends we made are probably what we enjoy the most about this game. It actually is how JIBS came to be, through Pokémon GO, and how we made very dear friends. Some virtual (such as the amazing staff here at G2G) and some that we see daily in real life.

G2G: If you had to describe JIBS in 5 words, what would they be?

JIBS: Mobile gaming, passionate, transparent, friendly, true.


G2G: What inspired you to create JIBS Entertainment? Was it just something you wanted to do, or is there more to it?

JIBS: JIBS originally was intended to be a gaming studio, but we soon realized that when you have a full-time job in real life, a gaming studio on the side gets very little attention sadly. Not that the gaming studio no longer is part of JIBS, it absolutely is! We simply decided to go back to an idea that Jimmy had had back when he was Editor in Chief for Pokémon GO Hub, which is to publish about the latest mobile gaming news and trends; to see wider than strictly Pokémon GO.

Although we did attempt to move forward with this project through Metahub, creative difference with Go Hub made us part ways.


Because if there is one thing we learned from Pokémon GO, it’s that we learn a lot more when we discover new things. And we felt that the community needed to learn more about new mobile games, new AR trends, new mobile technologies, etc. Mobile gaming is a thing, and it is a lot more accessible than any other type of gaming because almost every being on the planet has access to a mobile device (tablet or smartphone). While few people have access to a console or decent gaming PC.

The realm of mobile gaming is changing rapidly lately, and a lot of console or PC games are adapting games for mobile devices nowadays (thanks to the technology allowing them to). There is so much for people to discover outside of Pokémon GO, Candy Crush, Angry Birds, etc. and we want to provide them all the tools they need to discover these new things.

Jibs Logo - White/Orange

G2G: Is the plan to stick with the current format, or are there plans to evolve even more?

JIBS: We recently published an update about our content (which you can find here). In short, we have recently been too focused on Harry Potter: Wizards Unite which sadly did not prove to be success anyone expected. We have, therefore, re-oriented ourselves towards more general news, which is what we originally set out to do.

Ultimately, we want to move to a mobile app. Who uses a computer nowadays? Very few people. All we do is on our smartphones or tablets, so we know how frustrating it can be to have to go to a browser, open a new tab, insert a link, etc. We want people to have access to our latest news and updates as easily as possible, to manage notifications as they want, and even more!

Of course, a mobile game is still in the work, but given everyone’s schedule, it will come at a later point in time.

G2G: If there was one misconception about JIBS that you could set straight, what would that be?

JIBS: We are NOT in any way or form associated with GO Hub or any of its associated IPs. Many still think that BoonSlevin/Jimmy has kept in touch with the brand, but we cannot stress enough that he no longer is associated to the GO Hub brand. 

G2G: Is there anything in addition to the above you would like to share? Anything at all? Hidden talents, secret guilty pleasures, haha?

JIBS: We’re just a bunch of nerds, really. We are grown-ups, with kids, families, jobs, mortgages, etc. writing about mobile gaming, mobile technologies updates, AR trends, etc. as a hobby. Ultimately, we would love for JIBS to pick up and become a full-time thing, but for now, we very much enjoy what we get to do, the support we have, and the connections we make. None of us really have any backgrounds in this field, but we are dedicated and passionate, so we do the appropriate research when needed, and we inform the community!

Also, we really love Absol. A lot.

Pac is okay THE GREATEST.


Not much else we can say about our BooBoon other than we absolutely adore him and he is a treat to work with. From his top-notch reporting skills to being able to make even the grumpiest gal smile, he’s the entire package. 😉 Be sure to give JIBS a follow on Instagram and Twitter as well!

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Google’s Users Choice Awards nominees have been revealed! Many of our 2019 favorites have been nominated for best game including #PokemonMasters, #MarioKartTour, #CODMobile, #WizardsUnite, #ElderScrollsBlades, and more!

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Credits: @Apptopia

The Jolly Llama was confirmed to be introduced via exclusive Adventures in #MinecraftEarth in London, Sydney, and New York City on November 16th! Look out for pop-up statues in those three cities in order to have a chance to get your own Jolly Llama!

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The time has arrived! Minecraft Earth is finally available in the United States! Check your App/Play Store now and join in on the fun!🇺🇸

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In honour of fallen Canadian soldiers, @EpicGames has teamed up with the @RoyalCdnLegion to create a virtual Remembrance Island featuring WW1 trenches, beaches of Normandy, etc.; helping younger generations understand the importance of #RemembranceDay.


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