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TEAM: Instinct

Yaaya: Rayquaza
Ayzo: Eevee

CLAIM TO FAME: Graphic Designers

The Interview – The Lightning Round

G2G: First, can you tell me your in-game Trainer names, levels, and your favorite Pokémon? Is there a reason they are your favorite? Also, what do you guys do in your daily life?

CoG: Hi, we‘re Yaaya & Ayzo from CoupleofGaming. We both are proudly representing team Instinct and stand behind our leader, Spark ⚡️ dab. We both reached level 40 a long time ago, and are still collecting every bit of XP we can :eyes: Our favorite Pokémon are: Rayquaza for Yaaya, especially the amazing shiny Rayquaza 🤩 and Eevee for Ayzo, because it’s so cute, and even more because it can evolve into Sylveon. :ribbon: Besides trying to be Pokémon masters and creating infographics for our community, in our daily life we are studying.

Couple of Gaming Logo

G2G: What got ya’ll into Pokémon/Pokémon GO? Were you guys into Pokémon before GO was released? What do ya’ll like the most about Pokémon in general? Do you have a favorite feature in PoGO?

CoG: We both grew up playing Pokémon starting with Red & Blue on the original Game Boy. Ever since, we got hooked capturing all types of Pokémon in various regions, leading up to playing Pokémon GO in our own region. :laughing:

We love the aspect of collecting in Pokémon, and this also reflects to Pokémon GO. You can bond with others while going outside to play and share your love for the game as well as they do. There is something fascinating about walking together as a group, raiding and finding that sweet sweet shiny Pokémon :sparkles: That’s why we love the Community- and Raid days the most. :grin:

G2G: What made you start on a Pokémon GO focused graphics? Was it just something you wanted to do, or is there more to it?

CoG: Let’s start back before CoupleofGaming and Pokémon GO were even a thing, which only long-time followers might know. :smile: Our Instagram and Facebook pages have been dedicated to Pokémon and giveaways, and helping others with their game experiences. “You want a mythical Pokémon Promo Code, and you want that sweet shiny Pokémon or legendary Pokémon? We have a giveaway! If you’re lucky, you can be the winner“, simple as that.

And then comes the hype of 2016, the release of Pokémon GO. With the game becoming more and more complex, and introducing new features & events, we struggled to keep up with the game and had to read informative, but long articles to understand everything, articles published by GO Hub.

One day the sky event was released, and there were no graphics for that. This made Ayzo grab a pen & paper to start writing down all given info, which was later compiled into a graphic and posted on Instagram just for fun. Then all escalated quickly; GO Hub uploaded the graphic to their forums. And this was the beginning of the collaboration with GO Hub and the slow but steady start of CoupleOfGaming.

G2G: What keeps you two driven? What are your future goals for COG? do you have other plans, maybe apart from PoGO?

CoG: As you just read, we started CoG all for fun and thus created a community that started to grow higher than we would’ve ever imagined it could.:laughing: From lovely messages, thanking us for a graphic that helped someone understand more about the game to specific graphic requests, all those keep us motivated to create more on a daily basis. We want to help everybody so they can understand, love and play the game like we do. :v::skin-tone-1:

Our goals would be to grow, but not in the way of becoming „famous“ but more to increase our reach, helping more people & give back even more to the community. ☺️ We are slowly tapping into delivering news about other games, whether it’s another Pokémon title or not. For now, the majority of our posts is Pokémon GO, but we’re excited as to what the future has in store for us. :smile:

G2G: Is there anything else you guys want to share?

CoG: First of all, we would like to thank everybody for their support, the majority is always kind and supportive. :smiley: Yes we know that our graphics aren’t perfect but we never professionally learned all the stuff we do, it all started as a fun little passion project, which became bigger thanks to all of you. For most, this might not seem that much, but for us, it’s amazing progress. I, Yaaya remember that Ayzo told me “nobody will like our graphics, let’s not continue” Look, where we are today, Ayzo! Take a look at the very first graphic we made, now almost 1.5 years old! (such… beauty, much old, very wow). :smile:

Oh yeah and lastly, a lot of our German followers don’t know that we’re from Germany and hesitate to write to us. Don’t be afraid, besides English we’re also fluent in German, Turkish, Arabic, a bit Spanish, some Dutch & Japanese, as you can see, we will find a way to communicate with you. :rofl:

Don’t GO Far

Yaaya and Ayzo are two the most wonderful people we have had to opportunity to work with. Fantastic graphic artists, and equally fantastic people, we hope that this Creator Bio has given you a deeper insight into the people behind the name, CoupleOfGaming. Be sure to give them a follow on Instagram as well!

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