Happy 4th of July

This year may not be the most conventional for many holidays, but no matter where you are, appreciate those around you and the time you can spend with them. Remember, above all, to be safe during these troubling times. We at G2G are wishing you a happy 4th from behind the screen, and hope that although you might not be able to party like you want to, or have a massive outdoor cook-out, that you enjoy yourself nonetheless. Happy 4th of July, America!

Firework Festivities


   “Everyone together? Come on it’s almost time!” a Trainer called out to their Pokémon, who began to gather at the sound of the voice calling for them.

   A fold-out table donned with a Poké Ball patterned tablecloth sat atop a hill, gazing out onto a large open area. On the table were several bowls filled with different, delicious-looking, snacks; red Razz berries, Poké Puffs made with white frosting, and blue Poké Blocks. Of course, these desserts were mainly for the Pokémon.

   “The fireworks are going to be starting as soon as the sun goes down, is everyone ready?” the Trainer smiled as their team of beloved Pokémon gathered around. Something bumped against their leg, making the Trainer look down only to be met back with big, round eyes.

   “Psy-ai-aiiii–” Psyduck had its wings pressed against its head, waddling back and forth.

   “Oh Psyduck, get back in the Poké Ball! We all found out last 4th of July just how much you hate fireworks! You know this,” the Trainer laughed, pulling a Poké Ball from their belt. “We will have more snacks after the fireworks are over, okay? Psyduck, return.”

   Psyduck made a few bashful gestures as it was encased in a red light from the Poké Ball and was returned to the quiet environment inside.

   The Trainer returned the ball to their belt and turned back towards the others, “Now for the rest of you, who is ready to see some fireworks!”

   The Pokémon bounced and cheered, joining their Trainer on the peak of the hill, sitting in the grass as the sun was slowly setting over the horizon, ceasing its glow and allowing night to take over.

   As if on cue, once the sun had just about disappeared, a small light shot into the sky, leaving a trail of smoke before exploding into a symphony of colors and crackles in the sky. Showers of light fell, and as soon as it had come, it vanished. It was not alone; however, as soon after, another one made its ascent into darkness. Then another, and another, until the sky was filled with alternating colors and shapes.

   The Pokémon loved it, each of them being illuminated with every firework, letting out cries of wonder and excitement. After the grand finale, everyone was quiet; then, they erupted into sounds of celebration and happiness.

   The Trainer watched them with an amused smile, “Happy 4th of July, everyone,” they laughed. “I am happy I got to watch the fireworks with you all~ Oh, let’s not forget Psyduck now that the fireworks are over!” pulling the Poké Ball from their belt once more, they let the yellow duck Pokémon out to join the fun again.

   “Who is ready for snacks before we pack up and head home?” the Trainer asked, lighting up a lantern and placing it on the table to brighten up the area. All the Pokémon cried out in agreement as they all gathered back around the table.

   The Trainer and their Pokémon enjoyed their red, white, and blue picnic, then packed up and went home for a well deserved night’s rest.

Poke Party
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