In Memory of Cayla Campos
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As Tragedy Strikes, Stay Safe Trainers

Last Friday, October 18, Albuquerque (New Mexico) got hit by a deep tragedy. Cayla Campos, a 21-year old woman, was shot and killed while out playing Pokémon GO. First and foremost, we at G2G want to express our deepest condolences to Cayla’s family, friends, and everyone else who knew her. This senseless act of violence has left us, as well as the whole Pokémon GO Community saddened, outraged, and looking for answers.

Cayla Campos

Wrong place, wrong time

Every night, Cayla and her boyfriend went out in the car to catch Pokémon. Unfortunately, that night turned out to be fatal. While driving through Bianchetti Park, the duo witnessed a robbery nearby. As the attempted to turn the car around and flee the area, they drew the attention of the criminals. Several shots were fired in the direction of the car and sadly, one proved to be fatal. Cayla was hit in her neck, lost consciousness, and crashed into an empty house. Later in the hospital, she would succumb to her injuries.


Crimes like these have become all-to-common, they are senseless tragedies that should never happen. The life of a wonderful young woman with her whole future in front of her got brutally taken away in an instant. It will take a wide-spread systematic change in order to keep horrific events like these from happening. Change takes time though, and while change is necessary, we want all of you to remain safe in the meantime. 

Therefore, we have assembled some tips to keep in mind while out playing Pokémon GO, Ingress, Wizards Unite, or any other AR-game that requires you to get outside. 

  • Make sure that when you go out playing after dark, you’re always accompanied by someone. Never go out playing alone, especially not in areas you’re unfamiliar with.
  • Only visit well-lit parks with clear sightlines, where you can see everything and anyone around you. 
  • Don’t visit areas you’re unfamiliar with after dark, make sure you know where you are and where you’re going.
  • “Remember to be alert at all times. Stay aware of your surroundings.” It’s not for nothing; this message gets displayed every time you open up the game. Make sure you’re mindful of your surroundings while you’re out, especially at night.
  • When you’re out, make sure you can always call/contact someone when you’re feeling uncomfortable. If you see something suspicious, try to stay calm and contact someone you trust or local law enforcement.

There are a lot more tips that can be shared. If you have any additional safety tips, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments, on Twitter, or on Discord

For Cayla

While none of us at G2G knew Cayla, we still want her to be remembered as a young, wonderful woman who shared the same passion as the rest of us: playing Pokémon GO. Let’s light a candle for her. Let’s show that the Pokémon GO Community where she was part of is a strong collective. Keep playing the game she loved, in order to to keep her memory vivid. 

If you want to express your own condolences, you can visit to share your thoughts, condolences, grief, and more. This website is a place where you can express your grief and more in the comments for almost 60,000 victims of gun violence. Please keep in my mind to stay respectful at all time. 

Rest In Peace Cayla, you will be missed. 


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