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G2G’s Learn Something New W2

Fun facts you may not know about the G2G Fam

Let’s do something different today! Let’s learn a little something new about our G2G Fam and Family of Creators! Some of the fun facts will be hysterical, some Pokémon GO related, and some random awesomeness!

G2G Fam of Creators

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Orange Heart

As Orange continues to dominate the PoGO and Wizard scene with his graphics for Pokémon GO Hub, we recently found out that he’s actually addicted to two other games as well! 👀

Golf ⛳️ :man_golfing_tone2:; whenever the weather is okay, I’ll be out on the course (some people know this).”

Something that no one, or very little know, is that I’ve played ALL Assassin’s Creed games and their DLCs to 100% completion. And whenever they relaunch it as ‘remastered’ or in a ‘multipack’, I’ll just replay them all again! :sweat_smile:

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Miko, the amazingly talented designer behind LEGENDSLima not only creates stunning life-like Pokémon graphics, but he also has several sticker designs for WhatsApp that are used by individuals around the world! If you use that particular app, be sure to have a look to see what all he’s contributed! 

G2G Family Fun Facts


Dare…well, there is lots to learn about Dare if you can get it out of him HAHAHAHA! He is one of the most interesting people I’ve ever talked to and have never met due to living on opposite sides of the globe. But, what he shared with me to use in this article, I didn’t even know! At the ripe ol’ age of 16, Dare represented is country while playing golf competitively! I know, I couldn’t believe it either!

If you’re curious about his teeing off skills these days, well, you’ll have to ask him yourself. 😉 


Urstarinaterin is one hell of a Wayfinder, Moderator,  and an even more awesome friend! So when I recently learned she used to be her high school mascot, I just HAD to know more! Erin would dress up as Buzzy the Hornet and pump her school UP! Granted, she also said the suit smelled like an armpit, but she didn’t let that stop her from bringing the Hornet Hype!


This is definitely not going to be as interesting or funny as most, but I was told it’s time for me to share something as well…so, here we go.

I can fold my tongue in half and it can stay like that for a little while. I know, weird…I’d share a picture, but only if someone asks. I always told others I had extra muscles in my tongue, but tbh, I have no idea while I’m able to do it…just a freak of nature. 😛

Learning like a boss

Be sure to check back again soon to learn more about your favorite G2G Fam and Creator Fam! You never know what you’re going to learn next! Also, if you haven’t already, WK 1 of Learn Something New can be found here! Take care and stay safe all!

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