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Fun facts you may not know about the G2G Fam

Let’s do something different today! Let’s learn a little something new about our G2G Fam and Family of Creators! Some of the fun facts will be hysterical, some Pokémon GO related, and some random awesomeness!

G2G Fam of Creators

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Ayzo & Yaaya from Couple of Gaming

Now, I can’t say I’ve never heard of this one before. I had good friend in college who felt the same way but, Yaaya can’t stand frogs! I’ve confirmed the Venusaur kind are alright but, bring a Toxicroak around and game over. lol When asked what it was about frogs he didn’t like, it was the fact they they are slimy and just gross! 

Now Ayzo, her fun fact is a little different. Different from Yaaya’s that is. She cannot stand to touch or hear some one touch styrofoam. Girl…I. FEEL. YOU. I cringe just thinking about it!

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Lured Up Podcast

If any of you know Ken, there’s seriously nothing this guy hasn’t done. I mean, have you read his and Adam’s Lured Up Podcast bio? If not, I’d highly suggest you read it now. However, did you know, Ken has a history in competitive gaming and was part of a Rainbow Six team that won a National Championship back in the early 2000’s! Another win for the Ken!! 

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We all know Kev as Belgium’s very first Ace Trainer and one of the most talented badge and trophy makers. However, I bet you didn’t know he can juggle five balls AND keep three diabolo’s in the air…what’s a diabolo you ask? I had to Google it…

diabolo (/dˈæbəl/ dee-AB-ə-loh;[1] commonly misspelled diablo) is a juggling or circus prop consisting of an axle (British English: bobbin) and two cups (hourglass/egg timer shaped) or discs derived from the Chinese yo-yo. Thank You Wikipedia!

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Truth be told, anything I learn about Groudon8134 is always something new. I mean, you’ve seen his bio…aeronautics, design, photography, illustration…and now to learn he skipped the 12th grade and graduated high school at 16yrs old. (12th grade is the last year of primary school for those of us in the US typically before headed to college or starting your professional career.) “I did so much out of school studying, they determined that I didn’t need 12th grade.” – Groudon8134

G2G Family Fun Facts


MD…this woman ALWAYS surprises me! Back when she originally shared this bit of info with me, I was in complete AWE! Like, Wayne and Garth on my knees bowing and saying “I’m not worthy…I’m not worthy!”  MD was in a music video for one of my favorite bands of all time, Aerosmith! We’ve added a link to the video, Blindman, by Aerosmith…see if you can find MD on the carousel. 😉


Alex…oh sweet sweet Alex. Again, one of my favorite people of all times. This guy just can always make you smile! I first met Alex through GO Hub but later in person at GO Fest last year. Now, I had heard this little secret before, but never had I ever thought I would witness it in person.Alex of the Nine Nose Curve

Alex can throw a mean curveball WITH. HIS. NOSE!
Don’t believe me? Check out this photo! BTW, thank you Alex for being such an awesome sport and allowing me to share the photo.


Pac and I are almost the same person…it’s kind of scary really. He’s the male version and I’m the female version and some may say we were separated at birth. However, this is one thing I’ve never been able to do…have you ever wanted to hear a full grown man howl like a monkey? Well, now you can! Yeah, you heard me right, Pac is a pro at calling Primeape! Just take a listen!


So here’s the thing about MFitz…I don’t think I’ve ever seen the guy without a smile on his face and to learn that he used to teach aerobics like Zumba, Step, Cycling, Water Aerobics, and Rowing…just to name a few, doesn’t surprise me one bit! His so frickin’ charismatic!! Oh, did I mention he is still certified and stays up-to-date on all of his certifications? Can we say, “G2G Zumba Class?!” 

Steven V

Steven V. Our Senior Writer and Connoisseur of fine Belgian fare like chocolate, french fries and adult beverages. Our European Youngin’ and one of the most amazing and dedicated friends, can dribble a soccer ball MORE THAN 430 times without dropping it! The most he’s ever done is somewhere around 1,000 times. Holy Soccer Ball Batman…could you imagine his Poké Ball dribbling skills?! Check out this video of him here!

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